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Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States. Hillary Clinton has long been a principle  in the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton has been accused of soliciting foundation donations (and juicing-up hubby Bill Clinton’s speaking fees paid by various hosts with political or business interests in front of the federal government) while she was Secretary of State.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton has been accused of selling influence in exchange for speaking fees (to Bill) and for donations to her foundation. After resigning as SecState several years ago, Hillary Clinton has also been paid large fees for speeches she’s given – no surprise that it’s long been obvious that she would be running for President in 2016.

Some of what she did while she was President Obama’s Secretary of State was likely illegal – thus the 33,000 missing emails she and her attorneys deleted from her illegal and unsecured home-brew internet server on which she conducted State Department and Foundation business. Unfortunately, without the evidence contained in those emails, she may never answer to the law. (But which puts a President Hillary in the crosshairs of blackmailer hackers like Russia’ Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un.)

But all this aside, what’s beyond absurd is that Hillary Clinton – a supposed advocate for women — solicited and accepted donations from governments who publicly repress women as a matter of policy. Such donors include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman along with a host of non-U.S. citizens and organizations that were likely straw man donors acting on behalf of nation states in which women are considered the men’s property. Countries where women are not permitted to drive cars. Where women who are raped are considered adulterers unless they can produce several male eyewitnesses to the crime. In other words, nations where women have no civil rights.

Yet whether the Clintons deserve it or not, they have a way out this hypocrisy. And that route is for them to publicly refund all foundation donations that came from nations (or their shills) who repress women as a matter of policy.

Perhaps Hillary thinks Americans are too dim, too pre-occupied with Pokémon Go, too anxious trying to put food on their tables to pay attention to Hillary’s “…do as I say not as I do…” life-mantra. But Americans are finally awakening to the Clintons’ hypocritical cynicism. Thus, the Clintons need to wash their hands of misogynist regimes. The Clinton Foundation needs to give back the donations made by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and every other woman-repressing regime (as well as their straw men) worldwide.

Wake-up Hillary — it’s time to give the money back!


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