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Yes, I believe that most assuredly. Like many of our other rights under the Constitution, such as ‘freedom of speech’, freedom of the Press, the right to trial by a Jury of our Peers, the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, just to name a few.

We have many freedoms and rights in this tried and true Nation of ours, and it is about time we exercised them with maturity and unbiased opinion.

Ours is a very, very good system, brought about by a consensus of our most enlightened and wise among the population during our early beginnings.

Their foresight has proven to be a phenomenally inspired wisdom that has sustained the trial of time and practice.

I have perceived only one drawback of this system, and that is the human factor. Man does tend to be greedy and selfish at times. And at those times the system is put to a rigid test.

We are fast approaching such a time. For many decades now an unseen force has been working behind the scenes to make this, the most revered Nation on the Planet, one that will have all other Civilizations assimilate into the Republic. Of course, it will not be a Republic then; it will be “One World Order”, with one Government, and very little input by the ‘people’!

The aforementioned “unseen force” is perpetrated under the misguided opinion that the “American Dream”, as perceived, will be there for all. This is grossly wrong!

The American Dream is the result of the work ethics, the willingness to work together, the compassion and camaraderie of pulling together against a common enemy, and the ability to accept each other in spite of the differences in culture.

The American Dream is not only a philosophy, but it is also a guiding force for all who strive for independence and freedom.

The most valid and important weaponry we have to remain as such is our vote. Something that I feel is a responsibility of all to sustain our independence and freedom; to remain ” … A government of the people, for the people, and by the people …. “!!

Our individual vote is the most powerful thing we have to protect and maintain our system of life! I am not advocating for anyone Party. Just know who you are choosing, what they stand for, how they have spoken and acted in the past. Separate the hypocrisy and lies from the facts. Do the research. Go to the Government site and review the voting records of our Representatives. I did, and it was a most revealing exercise.

Violence is not the American way, except to defend our Nation. Vile acts and language is not the American way. The vote will sustain us as a free people!

Please use your right and responsibility; VOTE!!!!!!


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