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I am not racist. I don’t hate anyone’s color.  It seems to me as though some Democrats would like to see me dead.

I do not think BLM is an organization that can be trusted.  After all they were yelling:  “Kill the whites”.  These things are not helpful, and will not enable us to go forward, with any kind of assurance that they won’t do just that.

I have been disowned by a step grandson, his wife and the children.  Well not the children, they only learn from their elders.  I didn’t particularly care for this grandson as he was a bully to his own brothers.  He told my husband that he wouldn’t come over, but he didn’t come over that much anyway.

He is on disability and won’t try to find a job,  he keeps saying the Dr. gave him 15 years to live, but no confirmation coming on that.   He used to complain about people on disability, and now he is one of them.

I think it’s terribly sad that he hates DJT so badly.  Of course he and his wife were educated by the “Old Hippies” that became teachers.  The ones that are indoctrinating children to the wonders of “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”.

It saddens me that my oldest granddaughter is judging me for my support of DJT.  She is indoctrinated also.

A pity that we cannot go back in time and change things we can only soldier on and hope for the best.

I am glad that Trump won.  The establishment HAS NOT SERVED US WELL.

And Political Correctness has NO PLACE IN A FREE SOCIETY.

God save us all.

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