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Recently after sharing a post concerning irregularities at the ballot box, I was chastised for spreading a falsehood.  As I expressed on the same post, they were not falsehoods as may have been expressed on Snoops or other debunking websites, most of which I do not trust to start with.  As has been reported on many of the area news channels, voting machine irregularities have been happening at several locations.  Most have been due to user error but a couple of these occurrences have not yet been explained.  They have also been reported on many of the talk shows prompting some very interesting conversations and engagements over how rampant voter fraud truly is and many of these started me thinking about the bigger picture.

Voting in America is a civic duty one that many of us take for granted or even neglect doing.  But let things not go the way they want, these non-participants are the first to voice their opinion.  Back in the day I remember taking a class called “civics” and learning about our government and it is was designed to function.  There was also the American Government class in college and it was a time when the majority of American citizens participated in the process.  Although the topic of voter fraud or irregularities have been around for years, until the advent of the cable networks and the internet not much light was shed on its’ existence.

The last four or five Presidential elections have changed that and more of these events have come to the forefront.  Cities like Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Philadelphia have all had some form of voter fraud mention.  In the most recent Presidential election a county name Saint Lucie, who had on record 150,000 or so registered voters, reported over 250,000 people casting a vote.  Instances of “dead people” showing up on the voter rolls is another common allegation and has been reported by several states.

The right to vote is one that carries with it a vast amount of responsibility and should never be taken lightly.  But sadly it is one that is also subject to misdeeds by those who want to usurp the political process.  The United States is one of just a few countries left who do not require a voter ID, while countries such as Mexico, India, Libya and Sweden to mention just a few do.  For reasons which can only be attributed to a desire by one political party to usurp this process and sway elections, our country as of yet is denied this one thing that could keep all elections on the up and up.  Granted a voter ID cannot and will not stop user error on electronic ballots, only by taking responsibility on ourselves to insure the boxes we check are the actual ones that get recorded can the human error be eliminated.

Another area of voter fraud comes in the form of “absentee voting” where voter information is submitted by mail or internet.  This is the number one area of abuse during elections.  To cast your vote during an election cycle, you should be required to appear in person so a face can be associated with a name.  What better to insure the honesty of this then a “picture voter ID.”  But yet we are told by Democrats that this is a racist request and one that places an undue burden on the elderly and on minorities.  Yet at the same time, these same individuals have to present a valid picture ID to cash a check, open a bank account, apply for a license to carry a firearm and even to board an airplane.  So what is the big problem?  The problem rest in the misdeeds of the Democrats and those who desire to sway the outcome of elections anyway they can, and until this is fully addressed within the realm of our legal system, it will continue to fester.

Until these issues are addressed and resolved it is up to the individual American citizen to be diligent in their exercising of this most precious right.  Double check your vote before casting it and by all means report any incident that you feel might by actual voter fraud to election officials within your party.  And by all means, if you witness any person trying to cast a vote which you feel their citizenship might be in question, report it immediately.  This is a right reserved to actual citizens whether through birth or naturalization and it is the duty of every one of us to protect it.

It is at this point that I feel the need to add a disclaimer for any future articles I post.  It is not my intent to offend anyone with my writings.  I only wish to stir the thought process of those who read these words and I cannot help but feel if you do take offense you may be one of those who wish to usurp or abuse our rights as American citizens.


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