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The Washington Post reported over the weekend on the multi-pronged effort on the part of Team Trump to recruit “poll watchers” for the fall, including a form on the campaign’s website that asks allies to sign up for election-related duties.

Ben Carson, who supports Trump, told CNN’s Erin Burnett that “the focus should be on how to make sure there is no voter fraud” — which he noted would be good for both parties.

In an interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said the campaign was concerned with potential election fraud, particularly over electronic voting machines, which security researchers have warned are vulnerable to hacking

Trump has offered no evidence to back up his claims that the elections would be “rigged” against him, so here goes:

Y’all judge for yourself: Google “Voting Machine Glitch” or see the following sites.


CNN Video   Ron Paul Fraud! ‘Diebold’ Vote Machines Steal 2008

FOX NEWS FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed

HBO Documentary – Hacking Democracy – Full Length

As an accountant, I believe that if our votes were money, we would require an audit and would need an audit trail to perform it. Why is it different with our votes?  They have value, as well.

When you see what goes on during an election, there is no way you can allow this to continue.

If you’ve ever wondered where the votes go, these videos will tell you. Donald Trump’s statements are verified. Vote counting should be independent from all parties and all politics.

Software programs have been designed to create NEGATIVE VOTES. That is known as COUNTING BACKWARDS.  They have been shown to deduct votes from one candidate – and add them to another.  This is definitely not an example of a fair election.  Although our votes are guaranteed secrecy, the inner workings of the voting System should not be set up that way.

In addition, some states are trying to eliminate the paper audit trail produced, so that no one will be able to prove the “counted votes” do not equal votes reported to Secretaries of States. Fraud can only be proved with printed results.  No Printout…… no proof that internal programs can change election results.

The Software Vendors have their programs installed in voting machines in 30 + states. Everyone is prohibited to see how the Software actually works.  Financial desires of private interests and the ability to control the vote take precedence over election integrity.   The Software Vendors are “bought off”.  It is a conscious effort to steal the vote. Votes can be altered from anywhere, without leaving a trace.

Election officials are probably blind to these illegal opportunities. Those who are charged with supervising elections need to demand more from their vendors.  Even though we have POLL Watchers, they will have no effect on the software programmed into the voting machines.  Our system enables many to execute BACKDOOR VOTING.

Judge for yourself.

[One final thought….. Congress records its votes electronically.] Tags:

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