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There has almost always been some fraud in U.S elections but enough to swing the election, yes in a very few. Chicago and the 1960 election comes to mind. The people supporting Al Gore in 2000 could have tried and fell short. In 2016 we have had a voter registration bust in Indiana and one caught for multiple registrations in Virginia, by accident, the person checking the validity knew the dead person on the registration form.

Courts have over ruled the states picture ID laws, saying it was unfair to minorities. There was no proof that fraud had been committed. It is impossible to match ballots after they have been mixed. At one time there were provisional ballots so people could register and vote on the same day, but the ballots were to be kept separate. A poll watcher can only see what is at their poll and report anything irregular. The poll workers and waters have no control over the registration and voting machines.

Fraud doesn’t have to be statewide. Look at the 2000 and 2004 presidential maps that show the counties and the congressional district maps. This shows why the House, Senate, and presidential race can each be different in the outcome. The flowing cities control the electoral college vote: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco-Oakland-LA, Los Vegas, Philadelphia Detroit, New York City Chicago, Arlington and Fairfax County. Other states have enough other cities and area to offset the large city. Fraud in a Democrat stronghold can be well hidden.

Years ago I had a class taught by a Democrat pollster with the last name of Lake. We were taught that certain days were better than others. There were lessons on how to convince, get out the vote, and how to get the poll results we wanted. Polls to build our side, polls to destroy the other side. At that time it was all telephone, but we polled by prefix and area code. Addresses were cross referenced so we could use zip codes. Very little was left to chance.
For many years the major news media tried to hide their bias. But no longer. They are now an integral part of the Democratic party and the liberal left , They are in the tank with or for Hillary, as they guard what will be said and printed about her. Like Hillary the truth and integrity mean nothing.
Tell me how a scandal of a few crude words and unverified claims top real issues that face the country. If Hillary needs to cheat with the help of the media, she does not belong in office. My guess is that most journalist have Bachelor of Arts and not Bachelor of Science degrees, no or little math. Most of you wouldn’t understand a simple tax return let alone one as complex as Trump’s.

Congressional testimony and the releases due to the Freedom of Information Act had proven Hillary is a liar before WikiLeaks showed up. Hillary should not use the power of her position to be above the law. It is bad when the top levels of government are corrupt because there is no higher power to get justice. The method WikiLeaks obtained the information is bad, but if is the truth why hold back? It is an undercover operation like the media or government performs.


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