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Have the people changed their minds since the primaries? We will never know for sure.

Look at what Trump has done since the primaries and what the people have learned: 1. Attacked North Carolina on the bathroom bill. 2 Is still pro-life and pro Planned Parenthood. 3 Attacked Gov. Martinez and other governors who could have issues with eminent domain, 4. Attacked a judge who was appointed by Obama, member of LaRaza, and gave money to the Clinton foundation, the word Mexican was not needed to show bias. 5. Cruz was declared eligible to run  by a judge. Other claims were never proven.

The debates were a contest between Trump and Kelly. Trump played the media because he was always making news. It was hard to get a good comparison between the candidates/

The Republicans had a larger turnout then the Democrats. With the ability to jump parties. did Trump draw support for himself, or hopefully  a weak candidate for Hillary. Obama and the REPUBLICAN establishment had already done enough damage to the country. Trump won the war of attrition over seventeen candidates but mot a majority of votes cast. If Trump wins will he rule by executive order if he can’t deal to get what he wants ? Did Trump give away his votes or are they being taken away? What are the issues that he won with and which issues would be endorsed by other candidates? For me there are only two alternatives, Walker and Cruz. Otherwise sill Trump.


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