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Liberals condemn the Right as being Nazis while they promote Nazism in themselves.

Do you remember the TEA Party riots of 2009?  If you do then you are a brainless liberal.  Do you remember TEA Party going to Democrat Town Halls shouting down before they speak?  If you do then you are a mindless drone.  Do you believe there are only a few crazy leftists smashing windows and setting fires for which the entire Democrat Party and leftwing radical progressive movement should not be blamed?  If you do then you are a lying fool.

In 2009 TEA Party Republicans at Town Halls demanded of their Republican representatives how they are going to stand against the radical leftist agenda of Obama’s Democrat presidency.  In 2017 Leftart Democrats at Town Halls are demanding of Republican representatives how they are going to stand against the rightwing agenda of Trump’s Republican presidency.  The Left is saying these Democrat agitators and rioters are grass root mirror images of the Republican TEA Party movement.

In their teenage wet dreams!

These people are Nazis.  Nazism is the heart and soul of the Left, just another branch of socialist totalitarianism.  They are all two-faced hypocrites.  Whether they participate in the violence or not they still condone and justify it just as Islamo-Nazis condone and justify jihadi terror attacks to impose Sharia law.  They advocate for perpetual Martial Law because they are control freaks.  They believe they can stop people from becoming criminals, or even disagreeing with their point of view, by oppressing all people so severely those sheeple would be too afraid to stand against their government.  They believe in indoctrination and brainwashing of the young to follow and obey.  These leftwing radicals that riot and agitate are only doing what they have been instructed to do without understanding why they are doing it.  That’s why they can perpetrate massive voter fraud with clear consciences because they believe what they are doing is right.

Liberals don’t even know what they are protesting

Democrat voter fraud is rampant, but they deny it exists

liberal-fascism-dumb-logoThis is how you identify a Nazi:

  • Nazis are violent.
  • Nazis do not allow free speech using violence to oppose arguments.
  • Nazis have no moral compass using violence to impose their will.
  • Nazis endorse criminals using violence to protect them from prosecution.
  • Nazis indoctrinate youth by concealing their violence.
  • Nazis promote youths using violence against their opposition as righteous.

How do you tell the difference between a Republican and a Nazi?  A Republicans will listen to your point of view and argue against it with facts based on truth.  A Nazi will just punch you in the face.  When someone uses violence to silence others then they are the Nazis, and when they justify their violence against the free speech of others they reveal the hate in their hearts.  Nazis do not abide free speech because it exposes their hateful ideology.  The UC Berkeley students have been indoctrinated into Nazism and brainwashed into believing they are fighting for democracy.  America is a republic because democracies always devolve into anarchy, mob rule, and socialist totalitarianism of one sort or another.

Obama’s Black Flag Army

Stop fooling yourself: The Left wants America destroyed!

Leftists confuse themselves as to who are the righteous and who are the wicked.

Meryl Streep says army of Brown Shirts is after her

Trump says media not reporting terror attacks, media says Trump fabricating

Obama calls terror attacks “workplace violence” to cover up Islam’s crimes against humanity.  There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of jihadi terror attacks in America that the Obama regime brushed off as simple crimes.  This is how the Left conceals their actions through lies and misinformation.

Four score of terror convicts from banned countries contrary to liberal claims

Canada: Moslem immigrant calls for government to cover up jihadi sex assaults

The Left, whether Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Islamists, or Imperialists are all totalitarian thugs who stand against liberty and for dictatorial rule with themselves as the arbiters of right and wrong.  Without a moral compass they lack the capacity to truly judge right from wrong.  That’s why the Left objects to citizens being armed to protect themselves from criminals.  They can’t tell the difference between killing in self-defense and murder.  They equate defending oneself with lethal force to be usurping the power of the government and denying the rights of criminals.  The fact that they are for criminal’s rights over citizen’s rights should tell you all you need to know about the Left.  Liberal Democrat progressives are all about giving the rights of law-abiding citizens to illegals and even violent criminals in order to obtain power.

This is what Fascism looks like

Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

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