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Jack on the Box


When former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calls for Democrats to not be civil with Republicans, shows the evil intent of the past administration.  Smear, obstruct, lie and distort seems to be the Democrat agenda.  Their platform is to stop Donald Trump from leading our country, period.  The nasty allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were undoubtedly funded by Democrats with only partisan goals. The disgust I feel for the past administration and their continuing obstruction of everything Trump must be felt by countless others.  The Democrats are making a mockery of government and demonstrating to the world that their revolting ways is their party’s soul.  They certainly are far from putting “America First” as they continue to hinder everything conservative regardless if it is good for our country or not.

The fake demonstrations and violence shown by the leftists is undoubtedly financed by the past administration and other rich donors. Noting that government is mostly unionized, the unions are huge liberal benefactors. Banks also fit the fold.  Democrats are the globalists that want the U.S. to fall into the fold of a one world government.  Putting America first will not be found in the democrat play dirty book.  Trump is definitely upsetting, with good reason, their very fragile existence as a viable party.  

If the Democrat party gains seats it will be because of the smear tactics that they use so willingly and low informed voters.  When Hillary calls for hate and violence to combat the evil Republicans, the democrat platform must be wearing thin.  Clinton is likely detrimental to any campaign. The bailing of patriotic Democrats are threatening the core of the old and worn out democrat regime.  Most of the democrat hierarchy are appearing as buffoons. The government must be composed of patriots willing to do what is necessary to Make America Great Again.  Don’t vote for liberal naysayers, vote conservative or don’t vote.

The opposition is calling for a socialist America, a method of government that is failing around the world.  Everyone should be able to see the deception the democrat party is using to retain voters.  Many of the past administration’s goals were just wrong for us and must be discarded to put America first.

The road to making America first is by voting for people who love their country and for those doing what is necessary to make America a better place.

It is time to build momentum for a 2018 red wave.  It is imperative to get like-minded voters out to vote like never before.  Leaving all the hate behind, the Trump presidency is doing everything that is necessary to fix America. Nationally and internationally, the US is gaining back respect.

It is time to forget the Democrats and focus on bringing like-minded voters to the polls.  We cannot allow the Democrats to gain in either the house or senate.  In order to continue with prosperity and common sense government, we must retain our congressional majorities.   A democrat congress would be disastrous to making America great. A Nazi-like socialism is most likely all we could expect of them.

There is little doubt, that if the Democrats win a majority, they will fight their partisan battles against anything conservative.  Crossing the aisle to place America first would not happen with a Democrat majority.   Their actions would be upsetting to our national heritage, so don’t let it happen.

My opinion is certainly written with conservative views.  As a 73-year-old senior, I have been sickened by what has happened to our schools, our medical care, our borders, our mainstream media and the lingering obstruction by the past administration.  America is more than partisan politics.  It is time to stand together to ensure our nation can survive the current unworkable split in Washington.  There are legitimate differences in opinion, but they should be handled with unity in mind.  Insults, smear, and lies have no place in government.  Democrats should feel the shame.  

As a final note, do what you can to support America loving patriots.  Get others out to vote!  We cannot afford to have statuesque as it presently stands.  Back candidates that will make America great.      It boils down to voting for people whom will ensure America’s well-being is considered first.  

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