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I’m an old veteran who remembers a lot that young people don’t know about.


The Soviet Union suffered 25,000,000 (Twenty Five Million) casualties in World War 2 fighting the Nazi’s. We partnered with the dictator Stalin who had murdered hundreds of thousands of Russians. You could compare President Putin as a choirboy compared to Stalin. The Communist continued to be aggressive after the Second World War and took over countries in central Europe with the US doing nothing to stop it. The final straw was when Russia’s President Khrushchev tried to put nuclear missiles on Cuba soil but was stopped with a threat of nuclear war from President John F. Kennedy. The Russians went on to support North Vietnam until our withdrawal in 1979.


The Cold War continued until President Reagan brilliantly convinced Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall and open up democracy for central Europe. The cold war was over and our relations with Russian and the Russian people improved. The Russians went to war in Afghanistan to support the existing regime that was resisting the takeover by Taliban forces. It developed into a long war that the Democrat establishment in Washington supported the so called freedom fighters commanded by Osama Bin Laden with modern weapons and Special Forces advisors. The Russians went broke fighting the terrorists because America out spent them. After 911 went to Afghanistan and took on what the Russians were doing and fight the same terrorists we supported. The same old boys in the Washington establishment are repeating the same mistake in Syria. Their hate for Russia will never cease.


President Assad of Syria ask the Russians for help to fight the called freedom fighters who have found to be members of ISIS. It seems that information has leaked out that Washington has secretly been supplying weapons to ISIS. Sen. McCain is the main player in this disgraceful action and calls these terrorists Freedom fighters. The Democrats blame Russia for Trumps windfall election and Obama blames Russia for hacking without offering evidence. Obama kicks Russian diplomats out of America thinking Russian will retaliate. President Putin laughs it off like it is nothing and President elect Trump commends Putin for being very smart.


Obama doesn’t start a war but adds the word fool to his legacy.


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