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During the Vietnam War, many of the draft dodgers that did not bail out to Canada remained in collage and collected multiple deferments as they took one liberal arts course after another and many of them received their Masters Degrees and PHDs. While accumulating these degrees they worked at their collages as assistant professors and eventually full professors. A lot of these professors achieved tenure and stayed on after the War even though they no longer needed any deferments. During the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s this group of professors indoctrinated their students with their Anti-War, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Gun, Anti-American, Left Leaning, Socialist, Liberal, and, in some instances, Communist beliefs. They taught very little of the subject matter they were supposed to be teaching, but instead spent their time spreading political views and generally dumbing down their students. Many of these professors moved up to become department heads and Deans of the colleges and universities where they were teaching thus providing them an even larger soap-box from which to spew their warped beliefs and insure that any new professors that were hired would adhere to their political beliefs and doctrines.

This group of professors and their disciples taught and influenced the journalism classes that spawned the main stream media reporters who no longer report the news but instead, whenever possible, editorialize the daily happenings with an extreme liberal bias. The same group of instructors also taught the political science and law courses that created the current group of politicians and judges that have no regard for the United States Constitution but only what seems to be Politically Correct at the moment.

This new group of students that were educated by the draft dodging professors have become the teachers, professors, and educators of today and they are in the process of rewriting the history and heritage of the United States so that it will support their skewed political beliefs. This new group of liberal educators are now teaching their second generation of students and instilling in them the same warped, politically correct propaganda that they learned from the draft dodging professors. This means that the current generation of students have parents that were indoctrinated with this same liberal party line and they have only their grandparents to present any other viewpoint.

To understand America’s crises today, one must first understand what has happened to two institutions: the universities and public schools, and the news media. Together they have been able to ban School Prayer, and have made Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem Politically Incorrect. They do not regard their mission as educating and informing but indoctrinating.

I fear that our society has passed the tipping point and it will require a drastic intervention to reverse our direction.

I believe that the best path for this intervention is a mandatory draft or conscription. Upon graduation from High School or reaching the age of 19 all U.S. citizens and legal residents, both male and female should be required to complete a 2 year, active duty, compulsory enlistment in ether national service or military service. This service should began immediately upon graduation or reaching the age of 19 and there will be no deferments or postponements. The drafted person should be allowed to select their preferred service commitment if there are openings in that service. These various service options include national military service, local and state law enforcement, national, state, and local health care services, government office staff, and other public services. If there is currently a federal, state, or local government job description these jobs should be open to be filled, if feasible, by people serving their enlistment.

The first step in this conscription is a 9 to 12-week basic training program and this training program should be held at least 1,000 miles away from the persons place of enlistment to help brake the family support, and “cut the apron strings”. There should be no personal cell phones or computers, or access to social media aloud in the training facilities. These training facilities should provide room and board, clothing or uniforms, and an appropriate wage much like the current military boot camp.

The basic training program should include personal hygiene, physical fitness, personal responsibility, the ability to take and obey orders, much like the current military boot camp, and a heavy dose of Americanism including the true American History and their Heritage as an American. Upon completing the basic training program, the graduate should be glad to be an American and proud of what America stands for.

After completing the basic training program, the recruit will then move on to ether “a hands on” or classroom training in the job field that they have selected. While they are serving their enlistment, there should be a structure for advancement with pay levels equal to job performance.

Upon completion of their 2-year service there should be pathways and opportunities for the person to remain in government service or a reserve program that would keep them up to date on their job skills and continue their indoctrination in Americanism.

I believe that if this program were to be adopted in about 1&1/2 to 2 generations the American people would be back on the path they were on after World War II and we might survive as a nation.

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