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As they say in the movies “You couldn’t make this stuff up.”

Wikileaks has just released the first batch of “Vault 7” documents, designated “year zero.”  Cool names.

The series is the largest intelligence publication in history: 8,761 files documenting “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA” according to Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange.  The period covered is 2013 – 2016.  (Let’s see now, who was president at that time?)

As I go through the Wikileak’s press release I find myself having what is termed in psychology an “inappropriate emotional response.”  I keep laughing.  Some of this stuff is so creative and clever that I cannot help but admire the genius of its creators.

The documents reveal that Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and Samsung TVs, can be turned into covert microphones.

Smart phones can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s location and audio and text communications.  Phone cameras and microphones can also be remotely activated.

Encryption programs can be circumvented by hacking the phones they run on and collecting audio and message data before encryption is applied.  Dang!  (I’m sorry, but this is great stuff)

Umbrage: n, shadow.  The CIA’s UMBRAGE program allows the agency to hack systems and leave behind false “fingerprints” of who the hacker was.  For example, the agency could hack an American site and leave behind a Russian Federation fingerprint.

As of October 2014 the CIA was working on ways to infect the control systems of cars and trucks. This would potentially give the agency the ability to conduct virtually undetectable assassinations. (e.g. Michael Hastings?)

The CIA can penetrate, infest and control both the Android phone and iPhone software that runs presidential Twitter accounts.  Ditto for U.S. Cabinet members, Congress  and top CEOs.

Who’s in charge here?  How long are we going to put up with this crap?

And much more.  This is only a sampling of the press release.  I have omitted references to the CIA’s EDG, DDI, EDB, MDB, GCHQ, AIB, NDB, CCIE, OSB AND NOC on the grounds that this was TMI.  (I have also skipped Brutal Kangaroo)

It is going to take days and weeks and months for citizen investigators to go through all this material.  Evaluation of the material will undoubtedly be a free-for-all, and hopefully an eye-opener for those who are still asleep.

In the meantime, claims that Donald Trump or the Russians did this or that have zero credibility.  Likewise for the claim that Trump was not bugged.

And happily, the “deep state” is in deep trouble.

I know, you’re thinking that George Orwell did make this stuff up.  Well, it was a good opening line anyway.

Here is the link to the Wikileaks press release:


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