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Orwell – in commenting upon certain passages in Bertrand Russell’s book Power – wrote: “We have now sunk to a depth at which re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

If one considers modern dialogues regarding differing views, one will observe dialogues do not take place; the social-political Left eschews dialectical discussions at all costs – generally ascribing to their opponents a host of bigotries e.g., racism – and the social-political Right – which ought to insist upon such discussions -responds by characterizing opponents as “liberal,” socialists et al. Such discussions/dialogues would provide the public something more than inflamed sentiments; such discussions place the Leftists and their agenda’s at decided disadvantage if the Right is informed regarding the “obvious” which Orwell points…

Often the “culture war” is referenced, but it seems that it is seldom – if ever – described succinctly as diametrically opposed world views derived from the affirmation or rejection of objective reality the 1st principle of the Perennial Philosophy. Objective reality may be described as: existence intelligently ordered independently of the subjective consciousness, ordered in accordance with the mind of Creator God. Prior to Descartes, nearly all Western thinkers view – regarding epistemology i.e., theories of knowledge, – centered upon an agreement of mind with intelligently ordered existence; teleology – the branch of philosophy concerned with the relation of formal and final causality (i.e., essences in potency and their perfection/actualization) – had much to do with informing Western Man regarding morality, specifically the natural law.

The Founding Fathers in drafting the Constitution of the United States presupposed (so too Jefferson in penning the Declaration) a rational worldview i.e., an objective intelligent order i.e., a view that that which is (existence) is intelligently ordered. Those which argue the United States was founded as a Christian Nation are tacitly correct, but it is more correct – explicitly correct – to assert that the rational worldview presupposed by Christendom is the same worldview embraced by the Founders, irrespective of their individual avowed faith beliefs.

The Universities of the Founders day reflected and promoted their view, but those same Universities – over a number of generations (the intellectual inversion has been ongoing over the last several hundred years; note this is an enormous over-simplification; such decay inversion began shortly after Aquinas death in 1274…) – came to organically embrace nihilism. Nihilism – and its philosophical proponents – deified science and its metrics, and thus scientism (also may be rendered: logical positivism, materialism, secularism et al) became interpretive for the sciences; for the modern ‘thinker’ only the quantifiable is meaningful. Now the inherent contradictions in such a view, does not alter the view of the proponents of such views, but in dialectical discussions such incongruities could be made apparent to the public, and lead to mitigating the effectiveness of the insidious nihilistic proselytization by the social-political Left, perhaps even laying the predicate for a reversal to social sanity… And so those on the social-political Right that aim to advance sanity – and the abandonment of irrational hegemony dominant in the Universities – should forgo the habit of reactive characterizing of those on the social-political Left (Yes! the Left starts the name calling, but such plays to the Lefts strength – sentiment – the Right’s strength resides with delineation of truth, and such requires patient, dispassionate, discursive reason) should persistently and ubiquitously insist on engaging intellectual opponents in dialectical discussions…

Such discussions – as stated above – are avoided by the social-political Left at all costs, because theirs is the view of non-sequitur…


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