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Canada’s Trudeau Liberals give $25M to UN agency with links to banned terrorist group Hamas!


November 17, 2016 – Brian Lilley reported Canada’s Liberals announced they will restore funding to UNRWA, an agency with known links to banned terrorist group Hamas.


Schools and hospitals run by this UN agency have been used to store, hide, even launch rockets onto Israeli civilians.  There is no guarantee Hamas will not do the same to American civilians!


Author Candice Malcolm reports: “While Trudeau was glad-handing with the communist dictator of Cuba, his government announced funding to a UN organization with open ties to Islamist terrorists. UNRWA has, according to various experts, been infiltrated by Hamas members and sympathizers. Hamas is an Islamist terrorist group.”


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, known as UNRWA, lost its ongoing Canadian funding in 2010 amid allegations it was tied too closely to Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by Canada and others.


UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency is a UN body created in 1948 to deal with Palestinian refugees. UNRWA may have done good work in the past, but over the past decades they have unfortunately become very close to, and some even say controlled by, the Islamist Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.


Hamas is the fascist Islamist terrorist organization that rules Gaza. They are the Palestinian version of ISIS.  They are funded and welcomed by Canada!


Canada’s federal Liberals are providing $25 million to a UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees that had its funding “redirected” by the previous Conservative government amid allegations of ties to Hamas.


While the CIA propagandized that Hamas and Hezbollah were working with the Mexican drug cartels, this Canadian gift of $25 million to Hamas is a literal fact.


International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau made the announcement at a news conference and also during question period in the House of Commons — news that was greeted by cries of “shame” from the opposition benches.  The cries fell on deaf ears.


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) calls “terror clusters” groups of jihadists who work toward deadly attacks while recruiting new members into their fold. CSIS has warned that such terror clusters likely exist in every major Canadian city. (Toronto Sun, Jan, 21, 2011).


This was reported nearly six years ago! And with the flood of Syrian “refugees” into Canada just in 2016 – many of whom are confirmed ISIS – consider the terrorist buildup in Canada to today!


The Canadian government previously called Hamas a “radical Islamist-nationalist terrorist organization” that emerged from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Today it calls it a friend with a gift of $25 million, despite a painful downturn in the Canadian economy.


While Trudeau’s Obama-and-Hillary liberal-mirroring refugee policy fails to acknowledge valid safety concerns and security implications – for Canada and America – at the same time he gives $25 million to Hamas! Which Hamas supporters – even white Hamas supporters – are bragging about across Canada!


And so, President Trump! Building two walls is vital! Do you know of any Mexican politician giving $25 million to Hamas? No! And that is why it is even more crucial to simultaneously build a northern Wall across the Canadian/US border!  Time is of the essence…


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