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The NY Times and the purveyors of Fake News are outraged that President Trump would equate the notorious killer Vladimir Putin with America the virtuous.

Their argument is so factually inept, it’s laughable. Using their own numbers, Putin may be responsible for hundreds of deaths; maybe even a thousand!

The worst charge is his so-called aggression in Crimea which was, in reality, blow-back from the coup we staged in Ukraine. They also point to his alleged suppression of political dissidents, as if the high-and-mighty Times doesn’t regularly engage in the character and career assassination of its political opponents.

There was much more evidence of Hillary’s criminal career during the campaign of 2016, but Fake News avoided coverage on the basis that it was, well, ‘fake news’.

Nevertheless, let’s compare the flimsy charges against Putin with the horrors perpetrated by the US.

All by itself, the CIA is responsible for the deaths of more than six  million, not a single one benefiting America, or Americans.

And these are the results we know about.

Wait! There’s more! Far more. The invasion of Iraq has already claimed more than a million innocent civilians, making The Times look like the partisan tools they are. War and killing and hatred and savagery, it seems, are A-OK when there’s a globalist in the house-that-slaves-built, but woe be to the peacemakers!

Need more? Vietnam killed 2 million. Hiroshima and Nagasaki a quarter million in just two days!

Another shining example of American greatness The Times omits is the Trail of Tears. Small potatoes, perhaps, but an excellent example of the savagery of American imperialism.

US history is rife with untold horrors, yet Fake News pretends the perpetrators are patriots and Donald Trump is Hitler incarnate! America is second only to Josef Stalin in the mass killing department. Even Nazi’s blush at our blood-thirst.

No excuse can equate Putin to the hell-on-earth we have wrought; he is a mere piker by any measure. Fortunately for human life, the formerly mainstream media no longer enjoys a monopoly on the truth.

The nerve of Donald Trump for speaking it!

Then again, what does this hypocrisy say about our media? What does it say about our politicians? What does it say about us?

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