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I have been a conservative since before Goldwater, which I equate with patriot. I fought in Vietnam.   I was against the Vietnam war on the principle it was an undeclared war, like every war we have been in since WWII. I was for the Vietnam war because it was against the communists, which used it to take power away from the people. Hanoi Jane was the face of this communist takeover, but John Kerry, Carter and the Clintons implemented the socialism that precedes communism.

Trump’s positions are conservative and patriotic, since they give the power back to the people, which is what populism means. In the larger sense they are nationalistic, since without borders or a strong and respected military, we are not a nation. The treacherous leaders who allow illegals to use our tax money are destroying our nation and everyone with an once of common sense sees it. Trump is taking the nation away from the precipice of civil war, for unless jobs and prosperity are brought back to US citizens, the USA is over.

It is inconceivable the Speaker of the House, Ryan, and the Majority Leader of the Senate, McConnell, refuse to enforce immigration laws and stand up to a lawless President, after swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  It is horrendous we have lost so many thousands of warriors without legally declaring war as the Constitution demands.

To me, a life long conservative, Trump is more conservative than Reagan. Trump is not fooled by the socialist/communist attempt to turn us into a banana republic and will not be fooled into giving illegals amnesty or our enemies aid.  Many illegals receive benefits from our government totaling more than the average wage of U.S. citizens.   Our government is allowing our enemies to settle in our communities, forcing State officials to accept them without knowing the threat, saying it is a right of privacy.  Well, non U.S. citizens have no rights under the Constitution in this regard.  The whole idea rights are granted by our Constitution to everyone in the world is as destructive as nuclear weapons.  Our government is playing a very dangerous game, violating the Constitution and risking civil war.  We cannot allow this to continue.


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