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Recently a petition was started demanding the Department of Justice investigate the paid “protesting” currently going on in many of our urban cities. These “protests” have been violent, destructive, and terrorizing to the people in these cities as well as to people across the nation.

I have couple of updates on this issue as well as the petition. So far this petition has over 4,000 signatures, up from the 90 signatures it had when I first wrote about it. We need to keep sharing and get more signatures to circulate our mandate for justice.

On Wednesday, Washington State Senator, Doug Ericksen, proposed a bill to allow felony prosecution of “protestors” and their funders if they are blocking streets, causing property damage, threatening jobs, or putting public safety at risk. Senator Ericksen was quoted as saying, “I respect the right to protest, but when it endangers people’s lives and property, it goes too far. Fear, intimidation and vandalism are not a legitimate form of political expression. Those who employ it must be called to account.”

This petition has helped bring attention to the legalities and consequences of this repulsive behavior. With a State Senator getting this issue some visibility, I hope that more lawmakers will be willing to exercise their legislative powers to create similar bills and/or laws to combat this growing problem. More work has to be done! We have got to stop this behavior! It’s not okay!

Recently, in Portland, people were warned against filming the “protests” ( Also, flyers encouraged protesters, “Don’t Snitch, Ever” and to “Yell F**k the Police.” This is very disturbing. People are being paid to create unrest all over the United States but anyone who genuinely wants their voice heard is discriminated against and in some cases, even beaten for having a different opinion (

Please stand with me and the thousands of other Americans who are tired and heartbroken over what these extremists are constantly getting away with. Let’s keep this petition alive and make these people responsible for their actions instead of turning a blind eye in an effort to “keep the peace.” There is no peace! If the situation was reversed, every Trump protester, peaceful or not, would be in jail. Let’s take their power away! Put these people and the monstrosities that fund them in jail! They deserve consequences for their actions!

Enough already! Stop murdering cops, stop the violence, and stop the hate!

Prosecute these monsters!





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