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Good day Evan;

I am more than honored to have the opportunity to chat about a couple items with you today. As America Knows, there is a new breath of freshness in the candidacy for the Presidential race, and you are hitting America by storm.

I would like to ask you a series of questions and get your input on how you see America. I hope you are ready. And I do want to let America know, that these questions were either inspired by, or written by supporters, inquisitive voters, and potential supporters. 

I know your time is very limited, so let us get started so we can get you back to visiting your supporters. A couple areas we will not discuss today will be the #mormonmafia, and how Donald Trump has not heard of you until just a few weeks ago. 

Question #1, So my first question is an easy one for you, I hope. What one thing in your childhood do you remember that brings you to this place in America’s history? A young fresh approach to the Oval office, and an ability to articulate in a way that touches every American?

Evan: My family came to America from Ireland in search of liberty and opportunity. They later packed up and moved again, this time heading west across the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains in search of a state where they could worship according to their conscience. While my family is hardly unique, I see their search for liberty as representative of the American story. Freedom, in this sense, is an intensely personal experience for me.

I think that, during this intensely negative and depressing election, people are starved for good news. They’re desperate for politicians who will stand up for what’s right. We’re offering people an outlet where they can not only feel good about their vote but be part of our movement as we work to reclaim conservatism.

To add onto that answer, would you give credit to that as the overshadowing reason you could not sit back and watch the lesser of evils be elected?

Evan: I’ve dedicated my life to public service. I stepped up to fight for my country because I thought it was the right thing to do, and this wasn’t very different. No one else was stepping up, and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to stay quiet. I needed to do the right thing and serve my country once again.

Question#2, What would you say is one leadership strength you have that is attracting people to you? And how has it changed how you see America?

Evan: I think people are grateful to have someone who they can vote for, not just against. Amidst all the gloom I’m not only offering a positive message, but I’m giving voice to millions of conservatives who did not feel represented by any other candidate.

Question#3, What one thing can you as president do that will turn around the economy? Is it lower taxes, less regulation, more trade deals?

Evan: Well, I think we have to address each of the three major roadblocks to restoring growth right now. We have a tax code that is rewarding special interests and hurting small businesses, burdensome regulations that cost almost $2 trillion per year while entrenching crony capitalism, and out-of-control entitlement spending that is growing our national debt.

Question#4, You discuss the sanctity of life from conception to old age. Do you believe America is ready for that discussion again?

Evan:  Absolutely. I think a culture of life is something that all Americans can get behind. We might disagree on certain points, but I think when it comes to basic principles of fewer abortions, stronger families, and the dignity of all individuals – we can have a broad national agreement.

Question#5, You have Chosen Mindy Finn, as your running mate. She is a bright young talent, but what quality is it that you believe makes her qualified for the position?

Evan:  Mindy is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of conservatives that we desperately need in this country. She has a great background as a strategist and entrepreneur, but even more importantly, she shares my vision for a rejuvenated conservative movement that respects the inalienable rights and dignity of all people.

Question#6, If you could step back, wave the proverbial Harry Potter wand, how can a president unite Americans to be more tolerant of difference?

Evan: We need to get back to realizing that we, as Americans, agree on most principles. We believe in liberty, equality, opportunity, and enterprise. Our enemies are not those on the other side of the aisle; our enemies are those who would destroy our way of life. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you put things into proper perspective.

Question#7,  What would you do/say to rally our international allies in order to exterminate ISIS, Boko-Haram, and other terrorist organizations who are a threat to America and our allies & interests?

Evan: We can’t win the war on terror by leading from behind. Where America leads, our allies will follow. We need to get serious about the air war against ISIS while helping our allies lead the way on the ground.

Question#8, Why do you believe that Utah opened up and brought you to the top of the polls as it did so quickly? And Idaho?

Evan: It’s no secret that the Mountain West region resoundingly rejected Donald Trump during the GOP primary. Our message of full-throated conservative values, articulated with dignity, resonates with voters in Utah, Idaho, and throughout the country. I’m proud that my home state is leading the fight, but I’m also incredibly moved by the reception we are getting in every part of the country. People are hungry for a better option.

Question#9 from a supporter. I’m an American citizen who lost my job 3 years ago to an illegal when President Obama Passed Dacca immigration bill. What can be done for those people who have that question, and what can be done about Sanctuary cities?

Evan: It’s no surprise that a federal court ruled against President Obama’s attempted amnesty. Immigration is an important issue and one that needs to be addressed by the people’s representatives in Congress, not by unilateral executive orders. As President, I would immediately go about securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws, including by instituting e-Verify and ending sanctuary cities.

Question#10, With your introduction of your Principles agenda, we see the Internet, Twitter and Facebook lighting up. Was that your intent, or was it more to change the hearts and minds of Americans to a more wisdom focus approach to the Presidential voting?

Evan: I’m glad people are talking about our Principles for New American Leadership. The idea was always to kick-start the conversation around the dinner table and get Americans talking about the direction of our country.

And If I may a follow-up to that. In your heart, which of your 13 Principles is the one that truly tugs at your heart strings? Why?

Evan: I think there’s a reason that we put #1 where we did. The fact that our rights stem from God and not the government is the foundation of American conservatism. Our core values such as liberty and equality stem from the fact that we are all equal before God.

Question#11, What can be done to stop the overburdening lobbyist from stifling the Citizen’s votes, and controlling our political leaders?

Evan:  Crony capitalism is a big problem. For our economy to function the way it should, we need a level playing field. For too long, politicians in Washington have gone along with anti-competitive measures, putting special interests over principle. Our campaign about is building a new generation of conservatives who put principle first—and that includes standing up to crony capitalism.

Question#12, I know your intent is to win, but if you do not, what is your plan for the near future, the next election, and speaking out about the nominated President?

Evan:  This goes well beyond November 8th. We’re building a new conservative movement, and as we’ve seen this cycle, there’s a great deal of work to do. But, our supporters are hungry and energized so, we’re going to see where this thing goes.

Question#13, IF you had to say one line to each of your supporters, the hundreds of thousands, what would it be?

Evan: Thank you for showing America that it’s never too late to do the right thing. You’re an inspiration to me and Mindy, and we’re so grateful each and every day to share this movement with you.

Well, I have taken enough of your time with our interview, but I just want to say thank you, Evan, for taking the time to answer our reader’s questions, both supporters, and questioners of you. IT has truly been eye opening, invigorating, and appealing to see such a leader walk through tough questions with well thought out answers to some very important questions.



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