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Another example of liberal Universities pushing students away from anything to do with conservatism.

 University of Chicago student government committee has rejected a request for official recognition from a conservative student group [Turning Point USA], saying it is too similar to the College Republicans, so the organization doesn’t deserve a platform at the prestigious institution,

This is the second time Turning Point has been rejected. They were told no in December of 2022.

Turning Point USA Is a major conservative youth. It has a presence on over 3,500 College and High School campuses. It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), which means it can only support concepts. It can’t support candidates.

On the other hand, College Republicans is a PAC that promotes candidates. A significant difference between the two.

Having worked for a few 501(c)(3), I can admit the frustration of not being able to blast a party or candidate when deserved. The College GOP can do that.

Per the College Fix website:

Tyler Shasteen, vice president of the Turning Point USA chapter at the University of Chicago, said in a June email to The College Fix that while his group plans to appeal, he is skeptical that university brass will change their minds.

That’s because, he said, they still have their excuse that TPUSA is too similar to the College Republicans, but added that argument is invalid.

“I find the assertion that we are too similar to the College Republicans to be absurd, especially because the University recognizes the UCDems, Democratic Socialists of America, and Platypus (Marxist Organization) as independent RSOs,” Shasteen said. “This is also clearly untrue, as the CRs refused to help us in the execution of the Darren Bailey event, despite multiple attempts to work together on behalf of TPUSA.”

As usual, with liberal organizations, two conservative organizations with diverse objectives are too alike. On the other hand, liberal organizations with similar objectives are recognized. Socialism is a Marxist ideology. Even though Democratic Socialists of America and Platypus are similar because they are both Marxist organizations on the extreme left, but their similarity is ignored.

Tyler Shasteen told College Fix that a Turning Point USA event in March leading to the college administrators banningTurning Point from holding any more events. That event featured featuring Darren Bailey, a former Republican state legislator and gubernatorial candidate.

“We kept the location very secretive leading up to the event, only sharing it with those who we assumed would be on our side in an attempt to prevent a possible protest or the university from shutting it down,” he told The Fix via email, adding it drew a standing-room-only crowd of 40 people and “was a roaring success from our point of view.”

Shasteen added he and his fellow TPUSA student leader were forced to meet with an administrator on the threat of a disciplinary referral if he did not show up. At the meeting, the two students were told they could not host another event unless and until they become a registered student organization, or RSO, or gain the support of a faculty member, he said.

The University Of Chicago can deny that they treat conservative organizations differently than liberals, but the facts prove otherwise.



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