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Our country has never been more divided than it is today.  If you look at the Constitution, the very first reason it states why our Founders decided to create the government that they did was in order to form a more perfect union.

Now they may have been thinking more of uniting the States rather than the people, but the divided people divides states as well.  The states can’t be united if the people are not.

So one of the obvious things this means is that it is not the role of government to do something that the people don’t want, cram it down their throats, and then tell them to like it.  Or to put it a little nicer, if there are issues that are controversial (again, a sign of our division), the role of government should be to try to find a consensus through debate and dialogue before acting rather than doing something that a very large portion of the population is against.

Politically, they would call this bi-partisanship.  In the past, that was common.  Now it is rare.  Why?  Simply, the political parties are just as divided as the people are.

Looking at that a little differently, it’s we the people who are forming this government to help unite us.  It is not the place of government to decide for the people what it deems best and then force the people to live under it.

But we first need to ask why our country is so divided.  How could a country whose first stated purpose for even existing is to promote unity become so divided?  One thing you can say for sure about this division is that it is not accidental.

So what unites people?  In one word, it’s worldview.  Worldview is a way of looking at life, what you believe about it, what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, what is important and what is not.   What are the rules?  Are there any rules?

Now in some ways, everybody has their own worldview.  No two people think exactly alike, but there are larger, more universal worldviews, systems of belief that everybody pretty much falls into one of them.  Details may vary, but the basic framework is the same.

Our country started out with a common worldview.  Our government, primarily through the court called supreme, called promoting that worldview unconstitutional.  There are, of course, many other basic worldviews that exist, and those who believe in one often feel it their duty to try to get as many other people as possible to follow it as well.

So while that original worldview would be challenged wherever people talk about ideas, the court called supreme essentially removed that worldview from even being discussed in our schools.  So, on the one hand, the original worldview that united our country was prohibited from public education and the public square, and then there is the push for a different worldview from the people who hold to them, and then add to that the millions of people who come to our country with no clue about the original worldview that formed and united our country and each bringing the worldview of their home country, and voila you have a divided country.

You may have guessed that I was really talking about Christianity.  Well, that’s what religions are, worldviews, a complete description of life with all the rules and values spelled out.

There are also secular worldviews, ones that don’t include God, gods, that you could essentially call a secular religion.  Defining a religion as only including a god, God, misses the whole point of worldview.  The idea is supreme value, the system of belief that you, or your country, live your life by.

We are told that our government must be neutral when it comes to worldviews that include a god, God.  So we must replace that with a wolrldview that doesn’t? I’m sorry, but that is beyond the role of government.  We must replace one worldview with another, because the government says so?    So our country, no, our government replaced Christianity with secularism.

But you say, our country is too diverse to favor one religion, I mean, worldview, over another.  Again, that was not accidental.  That was an intentional decision of our government without asking the people of our country.

Our country was founded on Christianity.  Our country was founded as a unique country in human history.  It believed that God gave humans unalienable rights that government cannot take away.  That was Christianity.  No other country, or religion, or worldview, believed in that.  The Ten Commandments used to be our moral code.  Now it is: make it up as you go along.

Actually, the tenets of our new national religion, worldview, moral code are: tolerance, equality, fairness, and diversity.   Your only responsibility as a human being is to tolerate, meaning put up with, or ignore, other people.  The government has the responsibility of seeing that everything is equal, fair, and diverse.

Add to that the myriad of worldviews that others bring to our country while we don’t teach them the worldview that started our country, and you have division, a divided country.

Going back to the beginning, the government’s role in our country is to form a more perfect union.  It is not to force, and that is the correct word, another worldview on its people and then expect them to live by it.

I didn’t say that the original worldview was to be forced on everybody either.  But we have to recognize the worldview that our country was founded on.  Disagree with it, if you will, but our government has essentially banned even having the discussion.  We not only not teach our children and the millions of people who come here what our country is based on; our government even forbids that we even talk about it in the public square.  I call that a government takeover, a foreign or domestic enemy that our leaders took an oath to defend our country against.

The fact that our country is so divided is proof that our government is not governing according to what it was created to do by our Constitution.

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