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Our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, what the hell is going on with this man?

I always thought President Trump would nominate Rudi Giuliani as his A.G. When Trump decided on Jeff Sessions I was surprised. However Sessions had been a Trump supporter for some time and he was a long serving Republican Senator. My thoughts were that Trump wanted him in that position because Sessions had many Senators who were his friends, on both sides of the isle, and Trump knew he could use an ally who could provide him with Senate support.

Then almost immediately Sessions recused himself for any part in the phony “Russian Collusion” investigation. The excuse was:

• He had a couple of meetings with a Russian Ambassador. First one at a cocktail party after a Heritage event and second in his office after a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting. When Sessions was asked about those casual meetings, Sessions had forgotten them and answered he had not met with the Russian.

Senator Sessions was the keynote speaker at the Heritage Foundation event that over 50 ambassadors attended. Of course we now know that Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, was walking around talking to everybody at that cocktail party. He and Sessions rubbed shoulders, had a couple of words and that was about the extent of it.

As a Senator, meeting with foreign ambassadors was a part of Sessions job. Sessions met with over 20 ambassadors in 2016 in addition to the Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Sessions had the 2nd meeting with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak in his Senatorial office. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sessions met with Kislyak as he routinely did with many other diplomats.

That was it my friends, a real nothing burger, however how about this; Russian Ambassador Kislyak visited the Obama White House 22 times; Democrat Senator Claire McCakill, of Missouri, when asked if she had ever met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak said no she had not, oops a couple of days later a picture was out showing her at a meeting with just that man. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said, “Yes I met with Ambassador Kislyak.” Are we getting the picture here?

At Sessions confirmation hearing for Attorney General, Democrats like Al Franken brutally charged into Sessions because of those so called stealthy meetings he had forgotten about with the Russian Ambassador, Franken the T.V. clown, accused him of being a part of the “Trump Russian Collusion” that cost Hillary the election. It soon became common knowledge in our country that what cost Hillary the election was, Hillary; however as the country has now witnessed many times over, truth means nothing to the Democrats, our corrupt main media and now Special Counsel Robert Muller, their pernicious intent is to obstruct President Trump and attempt to remove President Donald Trump from office.

This whole Democrat faux tantrum was just the set up to emasculate Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and as we saw, it worked.

After his confirmation hearing, because of that phony disreputable accusations and the Democrats pressure, Jeff Sessions weakly recused himself from the entire “Russian Collusion” investigation. The jury is still out on why Sessions did that. Sessions decision allowed Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy A.G., to start up the bogus rat’s nest of the Trump Russian collusion without his (Sessions) ability to control it and it is still driveling on.

Now let’s take a look at the man in the Department Of Justice who counseled and advised Sessions that he should recuse himself; Rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General, who in fact, has been the real Attorney General during this whole Russian collusion fiasco of deceit..

I believe when we finally get to the bottom of these appalling political scandals, the worst political scandals in at least the last 100 plus years in our country, Rod Rosenstein will be identified as one of the important players in them.

Sessions recusal; Allan Dershowitz, one of the countries most recognized scholars of constitutional law and a Democrat, has said Sessions should not have recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation. He also has said Sessions has the legal constitutional right to cancel his recusal, take charge of the “Russian Collusion” investigation, and to assume his full rights as the Attorney General of the United States; Mr. Dershowitz also commented that since Jeff Sessions recused himself, Rod Rosenstein should also recuse himself because he (Rosenstein) is a “key witness” after writing the memo to President Trump justifying Comey’s firing which instituted a Special Counsel.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has refused to cancel his recusal, WHY? Rod Rosenstein has not recused himself, WHY? As the majority of our countries population now understands, at least those who have not been infected with the malicious left wing ideological disease that is killing the Democrat party and our corrupt media. The complete “Russian Collusion” farce that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, is a fabricated lie that is and was always intended to weaken and devastate the Trump presidency and to rescind the 2016 voter’s choice for their president. And amazingly under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with zero evidence of any Trump Russian collusion, it is still going on.

Next we have Rod Rosenstein’s written recommendation to President Trump that he should fire FBI Director Comey. Although I believe Rosenstein was working to his own agenda with that memo, Rosenstein was absolutely correct; Comey, as we now know, is a politically corrupt man with an agenda that favored Hillary. Examples:

• Comey had written exoneration for Hillary over her criminal e-mail stupidity weeks before he started the phony FBI investigation into that crime.
• Comey authorized the destruction of laptop computers that belonged to Hillary’s aides and that were under congressional subpoena.
• Comey allowed one lawyer to represent four material witnesses, an arrangement ripe for the four to coordinate testimony.
• After needlessly giving immunity to two lawyers representing Hillary, Comey permitted both to sit in on her July 2 2016 FBI interview, a ridiculous conflict. He claimed he could not control who sat in on the “voluntary” interview. Legal boloney. He could have convened a grand jury, subpoenaed Clinton, and compelled her to appear, question her without a lawyer or else she could have pled the 5th Amendment.

There could be a much longer list of Comey’s corruption, trying to shield Hillary’s crimes, but for now why pile on the manure, that pile will still be here, it ain’t going nowhere?
However as anyone who has the ability to read must now understand Rosenstein’s advice to the President to fire Comey was just a part of the conspiracy to strengthen and prolong the Russian Collusion farce. As soon as he was fired, Comey leaked official documents to his friend Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman, with the specific intent that Richman would leak those classified documents to the press. That my friends is a felony, why has Comey not been indicted? When the press reported on those documents, as was the plan, Rosenstein demanded a Special Counsel, and guess who that turned out to be, Robert Muller.

Rosenstein’s real intent was not just to fire Comey, who by that time had not only created for himself a political conflagration that was known, but as we were to find out, it was just the beginning of the firestorm to come.

When Rosenstein wrote his memo to the president to fire Comey, Comey was already DONE! Comey’s “Merde had already hit Le Ventilateur.” Comey was expendable. The actual intent of the Comey firing was to engender a Special Counsel. .

So let’s take a look at the Rosenstein, Comey, Muller, nexus.

• Comey worked directly for Muller until 2005. James Comey was not just a colleague of Robert Muller, he was Muller’s disciple.
• Rosenstein and Muller go even further back. Rosenstein worked directly for Mueller at the Department of Justice in 1990. Mueller and Rosenstein were as thick as thieves.

Rod Rosenstein had long been a dependable fixer for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Administration; while he was an Associate Independent Counsel from 1995 thru 1997, Clinton officials had unlawfully obtained classified FBI background reports on certain people. Rosenstein protected the Clinton’s and made sure Hillary was not prosecuted even though she had access to that information and probably was the one who requested it. The Clinton’s were not indicted; do we see a pattern here?

Once you prove loyalty to the Clinton’s they back you. Rosenstein was appointed as an Independent Counsel under Ken Starr on the Clinton’s White Water investigation. Once more wonders take place, the Clinton’s are not indicted. However this time Rosenstein had a companion, James Comey was right there with Rosenstein, working hard and making sure no harm ever happened to the Clinton’s.

How many of us knew that Comey was a fixer for the Clinton’s years before he absolved “Crooked Hillary” for her criminal neglect in protecting classified and highly classified U.S. Government communications? As I recall NOTHING was ever said on our corrupt media about that one.

Robert Muller is a deep state tool. He worked as Hillary’s distribution man actually carrying 10 grams of highly enriched uranium pretending it was some kind of counter terror mission. Let us not forget it was at this time that our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton were fostering the Uranium One deal that gave Putin’s Russia over 20 % of this countries uranium. Of course it was just coincidence that once Putin’s Russia got their hands on our uranium, the Clinton Foundation was deluged with multi-millions of our dollars from Russian oligarchs.

Muller’s name has been dragged through the political mud by his filling his Special Counsel team with Democrat partisans as his legal staff and people who have supported Hillary Clinton and donated a lot of money to the Clintons.

Peter Strzok, Muller finally had to remove the wildly anti-Trump FBI conspirator Strzok from his lynch mob, but the only reason he did so was that Inspector General Horowitz uncovered Strzok’s insane anti-Trump e-mails to his mistress. When Muller removed Strzok from his investigation, he didn’t tell anyone just trying to hide the rotten fruit I guess. Were Strzok’s critical bias’s not known to Muller? If course they were but Strzok fitted right in with the political path Muller desperately wants to follow. The country has some news for you Mr. Muller, that path is a dead end.

Robert Muller, Rod Rosenstein and James Comey are deep state swampers. They thought Hillary was a lock to become president and because of that were involved with far too many asinine illegal deeds intended to damage and destroy Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Example:

• Comey’s exoneration of Hillary for her criminal misuse of classified and highly classified government communications.
• The FBI using a false and unverified dossier to receive an illegal FISA warrant to wiretap Donald Trump’s campaign offices.
• If Hillary had been elected as they absolutely believed she would be, none of their imprudent foul deeds would ever have come to light.

But when it started to become obvious that Hillary was going to lose the election (and that became apparent to insiders days prior to the election) they started to panic.

The Democrat’s Trump Russian collusion campaign nonsense had been in place prior to the election, but with Hillary going down to defeat The “Cover your Ass” campaign went into a full speed ahead mode.
With Comey, now a known casualty, Rosenstein then drafted a memo to fire Comey, starting the process they knew would require a Special Counsel that just might save their asses. Of course that turned out to be their best buddy, Robert Muller. Rosenstein’s memo to fire Comey started an investigation that has lasted several months and perhaps may last years if the Dim’s and our corrupt main media have their way; Donald Trump and Vlad Putin colluding to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, complete cods wallop. Jeff Sessions get off your butt and do your duty..

Unfortunately A special counsel has the power to go where he wants to go and do what he wants to do, unless the Attorney General puts a limit on the special counsel’s actions. Robert Muller has been in place now for far too many months with not shred of proof that President Trump and Vlad Putin colluded to defeat Hillary in the 2016 election. For God’s sake, overwhelming number of Americans know Hillary cost herself the election because of her reputation of being the lying Queen and her political stupidity.

Now we have the House Intel Committee out with a report that has taken over fourteen months to be completed. That report just tells us what anyone with a brain already had figured out. There was no Trump Russian collusion. No evidence, zero evidence.

But as we have seen over and over the Democrats in the Senate and House and our corrupt lame stream media will never give up their lies; they cannot because the know that when the American voting public finally understands the political chicanery the Dim’s now have embedded in their DNA, the Democrat Party as it is currently constituted is finished and most of our corrupt media will be out of a job. It will be boring but probably hilarious to see the House Democrats report on the phony collusion they have desperately used to divide out country. Pelosi and Schiff, want a pair, horrible.

The Trump Russian Collusion travesty would have been gone long ago if Attorney General Jeff Sessions had not recused himself from doing his duty as A.G. No matter what Sessions has said, there was no need for him to recuse himself. So the question is why did he do that? Is it because he is a man not mentally strong enough, a man with a hide tough enough to take the arrows that will be launched at him, or could it be that he is also a D.C. swamper, a weak man who allows him-self to be controlled by people like Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller?

Now we hear the A.G. Sessions may have started looking at impaneling a second Special Counsel. So far mostly talk. If what this turns out to be is the start of more committee meetings that drag on for months with nothing getting done, I don’t believe people will stand for it. At that point Sessions must resign.

If it turns out to be a factual investigation on the actual collusion we know has taken place with foreign governments by Hillary and the Democrat’s , the illegal FISA actions taken by the hierarchy at the FBI, the Hillary cover up by FBI Director Comey, the Uranium 1 treachery that Robert Mueller allowed when he was the Director of the FBI, the “Pay for Play’ money given to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Secretary of State.
If that takes place, will Jeff Sessions still be in office until 2018 elections? Maybe, but I believe the country wants a new and stronger Attorney General, might Rudi Giuliani still be interested?

At this time after over a year of the insane mendacious political chaos caused by a lying claim about collusion that there has been zero evidence for, Jeff Sessions must either un-recuse himself and take charge of this investigation or resign his post as Attorney General. The country will not stand for much more of this treachery.

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