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When a book teaches of the sanctity of life it is holy.

When a book slanders, curses and makes truth an abomination, it is unholy.

The Koran is a book of slander and hypocrisy. Rather than unite in the name of a benevolent God, it calls for Jihad against all non-believers of Islam.

It is written in their unholy book, that all true believers in the One True God are acceptable, yet it also teaches to use any and all means to convert the unbeliever, it even condones destruction and death.

It is written in their unholy book, that an individual is responsible for his actions and his community is also responsible for his actions.

It is also written in their unholy book, that if a neighbor, even a nonbeliever appeals for help, they are duty bound to give that help. So where are the protests against the butchery and destruction of non-Islamic cultures?

The radical Muslims replaced a loving, benevolent and tolerant God, with a butcher Allah. Allah is a false god of death and destruction. Radical Islam is not a religion. It is a fanatical cult built on deception and hate! It calls for an unholy jihad against the children of the One True God. I can say with every bit of certainty that radical Islam will die as it was born, in violence! “For they who live by the sword, shall die by the sword”.

They who fear to speak the truth will be buried in lies. As all true believers of the Lord Almighty, we must oppose radical Islam with all that we are worth! It is through our thoughts, deeds and actions that we bring our God to life. United we stand, divided we fall.

God bless the Free French, in honor of the Marquez De Lafayette, the United Kingdom in fond remembrance of Sir Winston Churchill, and God bless our Constitutional Republic!

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