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By A.F. Branco

Before you start sneering at President Trump, and rejoicing “he was defeated” by the 9th Circuit; take a look at how Islamists behave and the plight of Europeans. And recognize that it was the American people who were defeated!

Islam is a political/religious philosophy that requires its adherents to kill the infidels, meaning us. They discriminate against women and gays; and those of all of other religions. The very reason they are “majority Muslim” countries is that they have committed ethnic cleaning and genocide on Christians who were there before them for at least 600 years in countries such as Syria, Libya & Egypt. Furthermore, they won’t allow others to immigrate into “their” countries. But they demand the right to enter ours! Did you know the Jewish tribe Banu Quarayza lived in Medina, Saudi Arabia before Mohammed was born? And that he killed them? Do you think Jews have “the right of return” to Saudi Arabia?

Muslims are at war with everyone all over the world. They war against other religions in Indian, Burma, Thailand, China, Russia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and Europe. Against fellow Muslims of different sects in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Mali and all other Muslim countries.

Muslims are constantly complaining and accusing us Americans of racism, Islamophobia and bigotry. They have been indoctrinated since childhood to hate us and to seek our destruction. Once they arrive, they isolate themselves into separatist enclaves and bitterly complain we are not treating them properly. Their culture is wholly opposed to ours. They will never accept our Constitution, our Laws and our Christian Heritage or assimilate into our society. They do not share our values – equality, freedom of religion and speech. They never talk of what they could and should do for our country.  In fact, they hate us. Watch this video, already watched by over 45 million people, of Retired Marine Steven Gern explaining how even regular Iraqis hate Americans and will kill them if they could 

Now watch how grateful this Muslim woman is to be allowed to come to America:: “My name is F*ck America,” shouts a Muslim woman after she’s caught buying several cases of soda using other people’s food stamps which she loads into her fancy Lexus SUV.

“Islam” itself means “submission.” Even Bill Clinton wanted to limit immigration. Islam; particularly the Salafist brand of Sunni Islam promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to spread Shariah throughout the world; has been allowed to establish a major foothold in America.   More than 300 U.S. cities and towns have been stacked with Sharia-compliant Muslims through refugee resettlement and myriad other visa programs that have been expanding for four decades. In fact, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Russia have all banned the Muslim Brotherhood for its terrorist connections and seditious strategies.

The goal of Islamists is to terrorize us into submission. They view our freedoms as a gift from Allah to be subverted to conquer us. Civilization jihad calls for changing a nation by changing its people and its values—gradually, over time. Since Trump’s election, Muslims have made up at least 30 Fake “Hate Crimes” against us to impugn and discredit President Trump. In January ‘17 alone, Islamic Terrorists committed 201 attacks and 40 suicide blasts and killed 1412 and injured 1679 in 30 countries! Our police and FBI are overwhelmed trying to keep track of the potential Islamic terrorists in over 1000 investigations in all 50 states. Coming to America is a privilege, not a right. Why would we want to import more of them here?

But the Refugee business is very lucrative for many. A friend of mine told me she paid $30,000 to get her 2 nephews out of Syria. Merkel & the EU supposedly paid Erdogan of Turkey 8 Billion Euros to stop refugee entry. Refugees continue to come in. Where did the money go? There’s lots of money to be made – payments by “refugees” to get to the UN refugee processing centers, some controlled by ISIS; payments made at the UN centers to get the visas to enter US or Europe; payments to VOLAGS like Catholic Charities, Lutheran charities, etc who “sponsor” these refugees into the US; payments to ISIS to bring Refugees to Europe; payments to psychiatrists, teachers, translators, social service people, hoteliers, inn keepers, landlords, schools, food providers. … The list of people making money off refugees is endless.

In Europe, Merkel and her jihadi loving leaders; pretending they were “poor, suffering, Syrian Refugees;” imported millions of fighting age, uneducated and uncivilized Muslim males from various backwards Muslim countries into Europe. These barbarians were lavished with all kinds of tax-payer benefits. But they have continued to rape, pillage, deal drugs and murder European natives. Crime is skyrocketing.. Swedish cops recently disclosed that nearly 99% of serious crimes are being committed by Muslim migrants. The cops have been severely punished for their disclosures. A vast majority of Europeans want the importation halted,* But it is too late.

The only “solution” that Merkel has is to get her media to hide these Muslim crimes; take away the free speech rights of European people, get Google and Facebook to remove their posts; and charge any who do disclose these Muslim crimes with “hate crimes” and silence them. She and her fellow Socialists are hell bent on furthering the Islamic conquest of Europe.

Our Situation is similar to that in Europe. No matter what President Trump did, the mere fact that he was pausing the importation of yet more Muslims was going to cause an uproar from Democrats/Communist representatives, their un-elected black robed Judges and Establishment Republicans too.   Not because they care for “poor refugees;” but because they are Islamists, making money while furthering the Islamic conquest of America.
Democrats are all ardent Islamists – Obama had his secret Muslim Brotherhood Advisers dictating policy for our Armed Services – Remember those dreadful Rules of Engagement that got our servicemen killed? Remember the FBI being forced to remove all references to Islamic Terrorists from its training manuals? Hillary’s closest associate is Huma Abedin, whose father, mother and sister are all senior Muslim Brotherhood operatives. The Democrat party is so much in the control of Islamists that it is going to elect, Keith Ellison as its next leader, a Muslim supporter of Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, a completely anti-semitic organization.

They want more Muslims brought in here, no matter how many of them turn out to be terrorists who kill us. Remember the 49 killed at the gay Pulse nightclub? That terrorist Omar Mateen’s father was honored by Hillary! Did you know that the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter they referred to as Esteban Sandiago, was an Islamic Terrorist who had converted to Islam years before and went by the name of Aashiq Hammad?* In fact, the Obama Administration and his media actively conceal Islamic Terrorist actions in order to advance the import of yet more Jihadis and complete the Islamist Invasion of America.

Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen, were already deemed a terror threat by President Barack Obama’s administration, as part of the Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015.

Video: Trump Listens to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on Immigration

The reason is that these countries are failed states, with no proper government and no records against which we can check the veracity of any ID’s produced by any “refugee.” The refugee program is rife with abuse.* ISIS is issuing false passports in areas of Syria and Iraq they control.  Anybody can pay bribes to get false papers; and nobody is vetting them.

Robarts lied and made up law. National Security is the sole prerogative of the President. First, as a low level District Court Judge in Seattle, he had absolutely no authority to issue a 50 state wide injunction to stop the President from protecting our country. He didn’t cite what explain why 8 USC 1182 (f) which gives the President the sole authority to pause immigration and explain why it doesn’t apply.  He didn’t look at the Constitution.  Instead, he claimed that some foreign Muslim students who couldn’t get to American Universities were “an irreparable harm” to the State of Washington justifying his ban against all states!!  Furthermore, Robarts was grossly wrong in claiming no one from those countries committed any terrorist act. Over 76 terrorists from the banned countries have been convicted and jailed in the US since 9/11.* These include five Iranians, 19 Iraqis, two Libyans, 21 Somalians, six Syrians, three Sudanese and 20 Yemenis. Also, it was a Somali, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who attacked OSU students with a car and a machete a few months ago. How could Robarts have possibly forgotten that?

The State Department has tripled its imports Jihadis since the lunatic ruling by Robarts on Feb. 3.* 1,100 refugees have entered the United States, with 77 percent being brought in from the seven terror-prone countries outlined on Trump’s executive order.* Why do you think the State Dept. is so anxious to import more Muslim Jihadis?

The lawless and corrupt 9th Circuit has been overruled 80% of the time because they are almost always wrong on the law. Its Chief Judge Stephen Reinhard is married to Ramona Ripston, who was head of the ACLU for 38 years until she retired a few years ago. Because of the egregious conflict of interest; various litigants have begged Reinhard to recuse himself from cases brought by the ACLU. But he has refused to do so. Just so you know, it is you taxpayers that fund the ACLU. The ACLU brings the litigations; the judges know their boss, the head of the 9th Circuit, is also the husband of the ACLU’s leader; and these obliging Judges award the wins, costs and attorney fees to the ACLU! The ACLU is also heavily involved in this and in 47 other litigations filed against our President and the United States. Are you surprised they won this one and will win even more? With so much money to be made, who cares about the safety of our citizens?

This 9th Circuit dared to assert the right to second guess the President on matters of National Security. If you read the summaries on the website Religion of Peace, you will see how very dangerous the importation of unvetted Muslims is to our country.

Yet, the 9th Circuit determined that the President, who gets daily National Security briefings, didn’t know as much as they did, living in their ivory towers, with police protection, in California. They said “the Constitution” applies to everyone everywhere in the world; using this as a means of giving themselves worldwide power. They claimed they alone are entitled to decide who, in the whole world, can come into America.

Imagine the glory and the power the 9th Circuit now has. Forget Congress. Forget the President. Forget 8 US Code Section 1182 (f) of the law. Dump the US Constitution, which gives the President the sole authority to handle matters of National Security.

Everybody in the whole wide world will now come on bended knee to the 9th Circuit Judges to beg for admission to America! And they will import each and every jihadi who asks!

And we will pay the price; in money, in benefits, in the rape of our daughters and with our lives!! Hooray!!

Rohini DeSilva, Esq.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Unelected Black Robed So-Called Judges to Rule the World!

Unelected Black Robed So-Called Judges to Rule the World!Before you start sneering at President Trump, and rejoicing…

Posted by Rohini DeSilva on Friday, February 10, 2017

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