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Communism, one from Russia now from America, threatens to again antagonize the free world.

The Greeks had the virtue of pietas which is love of country. And love of country was one of three forms of love: Love of God. Love of neighbor. And love of country.  All three pass out together. When there’s no longer respect for parents, no longer a sense of Divine relationship to our Heavenly Father, there’s no more Patriotism.

The de-Christianizing and de-nationalizing social engineers of such despicable TV series as “Family Guy” helped destroy respect for parents, knowing it would adversely affect Patriotism.  Putin was correct to ban it from Russia.  And the communist lifestyle promoted in Seinfeld brought the erosion of respect for family and Christian values – now considered normal by millions of young adults – as Patriotism was further destroyed, by multi-cultural common law relationships, defying the Bible, as love of God and His ways were infected with the leprosy of licentious liberalism.

And being further duped by Communists in the military/industrial complex and Federal Reserve – by incremental social engineering to benefit profiteering socialist revolutionaries – America is now in both Protracted Wars and Insurgent Wars.  Congress appears powerless to stand against both.

Protracted War is one we fight outside our country. Insurgent War is one fought inside the country.  For a victimized America, both are intensifying.  America is at its most critical moment in history!

One concept of war we have now is the theory of the intermittent war. It hold that war is not constant and continuous, but disturbs relatively long periods of peace. It is not a continuous thing. It profiteers the “Blood Business” military/industrial complex and the Federal Reserve, as revealed in Obama’s “National Defense Act.”

In 1917, with Communism a new theory of war emerged.

The Russian Communists introduced the Protracted War. It means war is continuous and not intermittent. They do not wage it. We see the Communists today still have two zones: The peace zone and the war zone. The upcoming Communist peace zone – no longer Russian – is in the southern hemisphere.  Recently, media-oppressed Michael Savage has called Obama the “slickest Communist to ever inhabit the White House.”

The peace zone was Communist Russia when it was Communist: Communist Russia had not been in a war since 1917.
The war zone in Communist theory is all the non-communist countries.  When Russia was Communist it would not send men to a war zone. They sent planes, tanks, and all forms of military hardware. And America was once a non-communist country but, like its eastern European forebears, was and is increasingly duped by the Communism of Obama and Hillary Clinton, of George Soros funding Insurgent Wars, of Henry Kissinger and Goldman-Sachs and their cabal.  Gramsci-styled incrementalism is working overtime to conquer America!

Communist Russia would not send men to a war zone but sent planes and tanks. And who are the Communists in America today, threatening to send drones and missiles and all forms of techno-military hardware, profiteering the military/industrial complex, to Syria against Russia? The Communists running America in the 21st century!  In truth, Obama is an Indonesian Marxist Muslim.

The Communists once active in Russia are now the Citizens of the World unassimilated to any nationalism.
Let us remember: WWII made the world safe for Communism. While Nazism was the right wing and Communism the left wing on the same Marxist bird of prey – with a great deal in common – it is Communism which has nearly destroyed the American middle class and which dominates to de-Christianize and de-nationalize today.

Because America is not a fully Communist country, it is still in Communist terms a war zone. Enter civil war, UN “peacekeeper” conflicts and nuclear war with Russia.  This is the content of the October Surprise! America has been and still is a proxy country for the Communist agenda! American Armed Forces have not been used for national defense, but for de-stabilizing and de-nationalizing for international Communism (now opposed by Putin).  Alarmingly, the UN control over America’s 18,000 police districts are attempting to make American police another proxy!

And because Russia is no longer Communist, it is also a war zone. And now to divide the northern hemisphere in a nuclear conflict – planned for decades, as the globalists relocated south of the equator – they will attempt to reduce their created war zones of Russia and America to rubble, Alinsky style. Communist UN troops will then come into Russia and America for the kill! In this perspective, we see why nationalists Zhirinovsky and Trump are barriers to the realization of their dark dream and our nightmare.

American Armed Forces have been every bit the proxy as ISIS. Will they wake up in time to see the deception and heed Washington’s words in his famous Farewell Address, “No Foreign Entanglements!” The time for national defense is fast approaching! Will General Flynn understand the momentum? Will Patriotic Americans understand the concept of a Just War, despite decades of deprivation of civics books?

The Communist theory of war is to get any non-communist nation battling one of their dupes, or any other non- Communist nation. Today Russia is not Communist and duped America is not fully Communist.  Communist strategy demands that wars must be incited and peace is unwanted.  The incredible irony today is that while Communist Russia was once the nation to make non-communist countries look bad, Communism is now exacting its revenge on Russia and in the process setting the stage for world government.

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