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I used to have a Facebook account many years ago. I loved my Facebook account. I could (at the time) post just about anything I wanted as long as it wasn’t porn (and sometimes you could get away with that too). But of course Facebook wasn’t the behemoth that it is today and things have radically changed there.

I have a very low tolerance for any form of censorship because I am a patriot and unlike most of Americans politicians I believe in protecting and defending our Constitution so a few years ago when Facebook started censoring I closed my Facebook account and migrated to Google+ leaving all of my internet friends who could not see the writing on the wall behind.

When I first migrated to Google+ it felt like my freedom of expression had been set free. Just like when I first started on Facebook, Google+ let me post just about anything I wanted as long as it wasn’t porn. Well actually some people on Google+ did post porn but that has never been my thing. When Trump announced his candidacy I created The Trump News Network and it grew like a wildfire eventually becoming the largest pro Trump page on that platform. Immediately following Trumps election Google+ shadow banned my Trump page and consequently followers complained that they didn’t see many of my posts on their feed and both new membership and my influence there declined rapidly.

On the advice of several YouTube conservative personalities I opened a TNN account on Minds. I did this because these personalities touted the intent of Minds to let people post just about anything they wanted without restrictions (even porn) and being a defender of my Constitutional and inalienable rights worked pretty much around the clock to establish TNN on Minds. At first it was awesome and I heavily promoted Minds on my Google+ page (which I hadn’t brought myself to close yet) suggesting to my followers that they should also migrate to Minds.

The first sign of censorship on Minds was their refusal to allow me to boost some stories. Their claim was that I couldn’t share my posts with people who were not directly subscribed to my channel because looking at some of these stories at work might get people in trouble. Apparently they thought I was retarded enough to swallow that explanation. More recently Minds has deleted a sarcastic post claiming it promoted violence against members of Antifa.

Have you identified the pattern yet?

All new social media sites will pretty much let you post what you want until the time comes when they shift from obscurity to popularity. It is then that the censorship begins in all likelihood to satisfy progressive advertisers who line the sites pockets promoting their political and ideological agendas.

You help to build a site and make it popular and for your efforts you get the proverbial knife in the back.

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