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There is no denying we live in amazing times! And now something has happened which we expected all along. That is, UFOs have been discovered on the dark side of the moon! Click here!

And now we must ponder, “Who do they belong to?”

And perhaps more importantly, “What is their function?”

The MSM would have us believe all UFOs are major threats and antagonistic beyond our wildest dreams. Indeed, to put together world government, the NWO elite sought to discover what makes nations cohesive. They would then apply their findings for the cohesiveness of world government.

They discovered every nation’s cohesiveness is based on at least one major internal and external threat. So in their craftiness, they decided global environmental issues, such as pollution, would be the internal threat. They easily knew this to be threatening as their multinational industries created it.

And the major external threat, they decided, would be UFOs. So the propaganda plan still remains for MSM Fake News to make the public as fearful as possible about UFOs, as people are manipulated (into world government) through fear.  This is given credibility through such notable NWO shills as Canada’s Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer who, like every good retired Minister of Defense, spends the rest of his retired life “warning” people about UFOs.

On the other hand. New Age globalist Benjamin Creme who promotes Lord Maitreya, as leader of the New World Order, believes aliens are “Space Brothers” and utterly benign. This seeming contradiction reminds one of the NWO elite who always fund all sides of a UN debate to ultimately get their way.

Meanwhile, Christians around the world – Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Pentecostals – believe the prophesied Rapture is just ahead. At his North Carolina funeral, perhaps Billy Graham’s eldest daughter said it best, when she noted both Moses and Billy Graham died on February 21st. “Joshua succeeded Moses and Jesus (Joshua, Yeshua) may very well appear soon after Billy Graham’s passing.”

And so many Christians believe UFOs may also be of a Divine nature, with battling angels at the helm, to rescue the sanctified elect before the onset of the Tribulation. After all, Satan can only counterfeit, s why should one think only demons have UFO technology, as did Enoch’s 200 fallen Watchers who came to earth and produced the Nephilim.

Or is there still another explanation for the UFOs now discovered on the dark side of the moon? Are they of earth, as America, Russia, China and Islam seek to colonize space? Or is it a convenient stopping point for extraterrestrials, benign in nature, who are concerned about upcoming earth perils, such as world war predicted by May 2018?

Whatever the case may be, we see one more example of a discovery eliciting more questions than answers. And the cause for nocturnal Wonder at our Moon continues….

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