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Like beleaguered redcoats scurrying to leave their former colonies, the American aristocracy is facing its moment of truth. And, so are we, the great unwashed masses looked down upon by Democrats and Republicans.

Grassroots members of both parties continue to be whipped into frenzied activism by lying, fake, phony politicians. We argue on social media about Left versus Right, Democrat versus Republican. Yet, every four years we get two virtually identical, interchangeable politicians that talk a good game, without any intention to do more than make meaningless promises.

But, before the good government progressives of a century ago, politicians were citizen legislators. They were supposed to serve their country for two, four, or six years, and go home to resume their lives; to return to whatever profession, farm, or business, they left. Today, government is in the hands of professional politicians. Most people entering government service seem to do very well with pay-to-play and other get-rich quick schemes.

Has it really mattered who wins elections? Obama won in 2012. Only Republican rank-and-file voters were depressed. Not so the Wall Street crowd. Not so the grifters in Washington, the think tankers, the lobbyists; no, those people didn’t lose a wink of sleep because the game is rigged and will continue being rigged for as long as they can get away with keeping their voters unaware and compliant.

Truth is, sometime in the not too distant past, both parties set aside their differences to reach across the aisle. The political elite live comfortably by paying lip service to the Constitution. Being an elitist from a well-connected political family, having attended the finest universities, means you can live anywhere, vacation in exotic resorts, dine at the finest restaurants, and never, ever have to rub elbows with those of us living between the coasts in flyover country.

It’s a great life as long as you play ball. Corruption is rampant in Washington. Why, even lowlife grifters can succeed once they leave flyover country. They don’t have to invent anything, go to a job every day, or build a business. That’s for suckers.

Politicians amass their wealth by influence peddling, by promising to take care of the people that take of them, including foreigners with billions of dollars to spend on phony charitable foundations.

We know Hillary hates everyday Americans because we have Wikileaks to expose the self-ordained aristocrats who think they are above the law. They can sell top secret information to our enemies and nothing is done when it’s found out. Let a kid take a few pictures inside a submarine, however, and he does hard time in military prison.

What Wikileaks did not do, apparently, was hack the RNC or the emails of prominent Republican candidates like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz. Like their colleagues across the aisle, they may very well have forgotten that once it’s on the Worldwide Web, it’s there forever.

What sort of interesting things do normal, average, non-elitist Americans think might be in those emails? Will we discover Republican voters are little more than irksome rabble to be talked down to rather than engaged? As Wikileaks revealed about Hillary, Republicans have positions for public consumption and entirely different ones in private. They tell us they want border security. In seclusion, however, they laugh at us and reassure their donors they can still hire gardeners and pool boys at minimum wage.

Paul Ryan doesn’t worry about ever needing a paying gig. Like his pal Eric Cantor, they may leave Congress, then get hired by lobbying firms to peddle their influence on friends still in office.

Bernie Sanders voters were tolerated by the establishment because they knew the game was over before it began. Hillary had waited eight years to get a bite of the apple. Bernie? Well, he served his purpose. He got us all dressed up with absolutely nowhere to go. And after the fix was in, Bernie threw his support behind Hillary. His voters went away seething as the guy they’d sweated for over many months became just another sellout. Play ball, then get rich with campaign donations.

Meanwhile, we have more unemployed millions than we had in the stagflation days of the 1970s. We have the largest number of food stamp recipients ever. Wages haven’t kept pace with inflation, which naturally, is a direct result of the money supply being inflated to keep interest rates low for the benefit of their buddies on Wall Street.

Politicians claim to represent us, but they act like they are our masters. They tell us how things are going to be, and we have to like it. Or else.

Or else, We the People, can get behind an outsider, someone with enough money not to be tempted to lie in order to get donor dollars. We can support a guy who not only is familiar with physical labor, but insisted his children learn how to operate a backhoe and other equipment. We can support a man who, while admittedly coarse in manner and language, was born in Queens instead of the Upper East Side. The establishment elite in both parties are outraged that, wealthy or not, one of the commoners dared pull up a chair at their table.

Bernie supporters and Trump voters aren’t all that far apart. We’re all flyover denizens. We want a piece of the American Dream. On Tuesday, we will have the chance to stick it to the political elite – who, by the way – want Hillary to win, including Evan McMullin in Utah. Establishment Republicans want the status quo. They don’t want their gravy train to end, but I ask you all, if they don’t care about us, why should we care about them?

Haven’t we had enough of stupid wars that profit elite donors while costing average American families their dads, sons, and daughters? Think about that. We get a prosthesis while they get to spend weekends in the Hamptons.

Tuesday, We the People can take our country back. We can make the Constitution great again. Let’s leave an impression on them they’ll never forget.


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