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So far Donald Trump’s picks for various Cabinet positions have not gone swimmingly. Both Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have been grilled thus far.

Now, we would expect democrats to make a fuss, despite their inability to really affect the outcome of any of the confirmations. Heck, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, democrat hack and race hustler, even made history by attempting to dress down fellow Senator Sessions. But of course this was all a show for the TV cameras, as Booker is actually auditioning to be the next Obama, knowing that Obama gained national exposure for his keynote address at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. Obama was a nobody prior to that. After his performance, Booker is still a nobody.

What isn’t typical are two Republicans Senators openly stating that they are not only concerned with Tillerson and his ties with Russia, but can’t say whether they will vote for Trump’s Secretary of State selection.

On Wednesday, Rubio said he’s “prepared to what’s right,” regarding his confirmation vote. This sounds to me, at least for now, that “what’s right” is a no vote on Tillerson.

I personally have no feeling either way on Tillerson. But I am as comfortable as I could be in stating – he’s at least as good and more likely a world better than either of the last two buffoons our country has been saddled with – namely Hillary and John Kerry. One would have to try to be less competent than either of them.

Yet it’s interesting that John McCain had little issue with either Clinton or Kerry – he voted to confirm both. Likewise, Rubio appeared to be comfortable with Kerry, as he also voted yes. Marco was not a Senator at the time of Clinton’s confirmation, but in my opinion, he would have voted to also confirm Clinton.

Both Hillary and John Kerry sailed through confirmation with virtually no opposition. Clinton was confirmed 94-2. Only Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint voted against her. The Senate confirmed Kerry 94-3 with only Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, and Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe voting against him.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Rubio took the opportunity to grill Tillerson about his ties to Russia. Rubio asked whether Tillerson was prepared to classify Russia’s involvement in Aleppo as war crimes. Tillerson said that there is “a body of record in the public domain” that everyone is privy to, but there is also “a body of record in the classified domain,” which he hasn’t been able to examine. Until he was able to do so, Tillerson said he would have to hold his judgment. Rubio snapped back as if everything we need to know is already out there in the public domain – exclaiming that “the videos and the pictures are there.” Not that it is proper in this case, but we know videos and pictures can NEVER be faked, embellished or manipulated.

Juxtapose that fiery exchange with one between the other Tillerson skeptic – John McCain. The Washington Post reported
that during Secretary of State John Kerry’s 2013 Senate confirmation hearing, “he was pressed by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) about getting more directly involved in helping the Syrian rebels.” Kerry’s simple answer was that “he needs time to understand the situation better.”

Is this not virtually the same answer that Tillerson gave – that he needs to understand the situation fully? Yet when the erudite John Kerry said it, this was evidently good enough for McCain, and I suppose good enough for Marco.


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