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Are simultaneous invasions occurring in North America?  The US/Mexican border and YOUR computer may be invaded at the same time!

Noticed starting yesterday Firefox in our Win 10 wouldn’t initialize or reinstall downloads after several attempts.It appears the newest Microsoft Edge installation is directly responsible for this.

But here’s where the Computer Invasion occurs:

Going into 64-bit WIn Task Manager to see if Firefox was off, I saw everything in there was at a peaceful 0%. Except for Windows Telemetry which was Raging above 35%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having been a Senior Advisor for HP I knew exactly what this meant. Twenty years ago HP – in league with Microsoft – when I was with them routinely used Windows Telemetry to go into a personal computer and “fix” things.  Everything is seen and anything could be uploaded or downloaded etc. Twenty years ago it was routine using Telemetry on personal computers.

And so.  After I discovered Telemetry was raging above 35% this morning, I clicked “End Process” in Task Manager and it went completely out of there. But 2 minutes later I went back into Task Manager… and there it was Raging again above 35%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So one can’t “End Process” on it!

“Ending Process” on the invading Windows Telemetry in Task Manager is prohibited!  This means individual computers running Win 10 (or earlier) are in effect the property of the state!

So from my experience this is a Computer Invasion!  Same time as the escalating US southern border Invasion!

Statistically speaking, I don’t see why Microsoft would merely target my individual computer. I think the chances are stellar they are doing this Telemetry invasion into millions of computers.  Computers of Patriots, Christians, Republicans and Constitutionalists!

As Gary Kah revealed, there are over 2 million such targeted people on the Deep State Red List!

All one has to do is go into their Win 10 (or earlier) Task Manager to see if Windows Telemetry is running!  Keep in mind the downloads can occur rapidly!

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