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It amazes me to what extent Donald Trump has opened the hell’s gates to every hate mongering, racist bigot one could imagine. These people spend their days trolling Twitter feeds looking to cause strife, and then to bully people. If they do not win, then they will report these people so that the true Constitutional Conservatives, that want to live in peace and tranquility, will have no voice against the #neotrumpism, and Donald’s pay for hire Brown shirt mob squad.

I spent 10 minutes just going down one such #neotrumpist to see just how severe this hatred is, and Donald J. Trump has a lot of explaining on why he has several hate groups attacking, bullying, and lying about anyone who does not fall for Donald’s lies, and hate filled bigotry and racism.

The first thing, along with several Nazi pictures, white supremacist group emblems, the swastika, and other pictures there are several people who you see going after #nevertrump time after time on any thread. Is it not time that Donald J. Trump demands that these groups go silent with their hatred, and stand against such bigotry, racism, and hatemongering? Is it not time that Twitter cracks down on organized hate groups who go about harassing others, and using “Brown Shirt” tactics similar to those of Nazi Germany, and Adolf Hitler.

Donald Trump promised to bring the country together, but he has caused a cataclysm between the hate groups, and average Americans, and with this type of “brown shirt” activities, he, himself is giving the Election to Hillary Clinton in a pretty pink bow, and sparkles dropping from the sky.

One of the most disgusting phrases I saw over and over is #Istandwithhatespeech. Or we have the disgusting word Cuck used over and over. How about pictures glorifying Adolf Hitler, and then using hate filled rhetoric to rid the world of Jews. These same people call all Islamic people cancer and they actually discuss the killing of specific groups. Now to mention this thread that I went down. The person’s avatar is an old German picture of the perfect blond tall slim male, with the words “f**K Tolerance”. Really? That in itself is enough to have twitter look into his thread and look at the type of people sharing and discussing.

Now I will state for the record that the WWE is no help in this activity, due to the fact that there was every 10th mention was about some WWE battle. So these people love violence and live in a fantasy world. They discuss White Power and have several of the White Power emblems used around the world today. Several of the contributors have the initials of WOM in front of their name, and I was in threads today seeing just how hateful these people are, and how childish in a foot stomping, tantrum screaming they can be, before several people reported them for their vulgarity, threats, and activities.

The biggest lie that they also love to propagate is that no one that is a conservative could ever consider not voting for #neotrumpism and Donald J. Trump. If you do not support Donald, then you are without a doubt in their eyes some stupid unintelligent liberal who supports either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

No folks, this is not a movement, this is a repeat in history to a magnitude that no one till this point is willing to opine about. This must stop at all costs, and any respectable, moral, ethical person with one ounce of integrity would never put themselves in the category of supporting the #neotrumpism. Today #neotrumpism=Yesterdays Neo-Nazism, and tomorrows democratic socialist Nazis taking over America. Do not sit back thinking it will not happen. IT is happening now, in your presence by a lying, deceiving, and raping, thieving, mafia member. IT is being led by a moron that is friends with George Soros, the largest financier of liberal agenda, and is the one who gave thousands of dollars to the Clintons less than 5 years ago. The #neotrumpism is being led by an arrogant adulterer, racist, bigoted, overly zealous ego-maniac. Are you willing to sit back and let America fall apart under your nose?

I ask, no I plead with you all to look into these comments, you know they are true. Is this truly what America has come to? We need to stop Donald at all costs. We must not allow another Nazi Germany style America. We cannot afford to have such a disgrace in the oval office. Either you are morally inept, or just not ready to vote if you see nothing of the outcome of this election besides the choice currently of a criminal, or a criminal. One criminal propagates a #neotrumpism, while the other propagates a Democratic socialism, similar to Germany in the 1920s and 30s. Chose a 3rd option, I plead with you.


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