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“Make America Great Again!”

The Social Justice Nazis strike again, this time attacking a young man for wearing a Trump cap that says, “Make America Great Again!”  In the twisted, dysfunctional minds of these young liberals who have been taught hate for America, hate for white people, hate for themselves and their “white privilege,” and hate for all that is good and right in the world, someone saying they want America to be great is “racist hate speech.”  This isn’t compassion or even sense, but the nonsense of perverted leftist ideology.

“Make America Great Again” is “hate speech” to twisted liberal minds

How do people become so warped in their thinking?  The answer lies in our schools where leftists have corrupted our young, indoctrinating them into their hateful ideology rather than educating them to critical thinking.  As has been noted, Trump has never even been accused of racism until he ran as a Republican, the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves and established rights for blacks in America.  Democrats have not only rewritten history to make Lincoln the founder of the KKK, but make themselves the saviors of blacks whose families and culture they have destroyed over the last eighty years.  That young people believe what they have been taught by leftists is the truth regardless of the facts is evidence of why the country is declining into embracing corruption rather than fighting against it.


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