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In this election turnout, will be the deciding factor. Above fifty-six percent 0f registered voters in today’s election is considered good, seventy-five percent, great or excellent. The twenty-five percent is for those that have not been purged from the rolls for having moved or died, and unexpected reasons for not making it to the polls.

During the primary election Mr. Trump brought many voters to his side. With open and closed primaries and Hillary the expected winner on the Democrat side, Trump’s support was hard to judge. Did Trump bring out those who didn’t vote in 2008 and 2012? What was the crossover vote and why? Now we have the two most unpopular candidates in history. How many will sit out the election? If vote totals exceed the registration, why?

A change in demographics can change an election. We now have new voters because of people reaching voting age, and more people gaining citizenship. State laws very on when former convicts can vote. How many Puerto Ricans, American citizens, have migrated to the, mainland?

We know that fraud occurs, but enough to change an election? After the recount in 2000 George W. Bush won by less than 600 votes. The crime is committed on the second vote, mot the registration. Fraud in registration has been found in Virginia and Indiana. Other states have discovered problems with the voting machines, dimensional? The courts and Department of Justice have forbidden the use of voter ID being required and the purging of the voter rolls. Poll watchers must be careful or they can be charged with intimidation. Some areas where a Republican ballot has not been cast for years, say they don’t need a poll watcher. Would a crossover vote be counted?

Most of the major media was in the tank with or for Hillary. The media buried stories connected with Operation Veritas and Wikileaks. They took the side of Obama’s DOJ over the agents of the FBI. After the conventions, they jumped on every misstep of Trump, while Hillary hid.
Hillary was not indicted in July because evidence was believed to have been destroyed. The DOJ did not call for a grand jury, and with information found later was bound to protect Hillary. The indictment in July only dealt with the private e-mail server and Hillary. This investigation did not cover the Clinton Foundation, or any in depth checking of what her aids did on their own.

All known information that h was announced should have been disclosed to the public. The media has no reason to bury information coming out of the FBI or congress. If the media didn’t believe, Veritas or WikiLeaks, why didn’t they investigate for the truth? With all the information, available, the lack of trust in Hillary is well founded. She has experience, but it can’t be separated from the corruption,

Trump’s so called treatment of women became a focus. The media didn’t put these stories in proper context or verify the accusations. The son of Mr. Kahn was killed before Ft. Hood, and Mr. Kahn is am immigration lawyer who works to get green cards and driver’s license for refugees. Trump apologized for the cruse language in relation to, to “Access Hollywood.:

Besides the media propaganda what built the anti-Trump movement? Was it because as an outsider his facts and view were a little off? Has Hillary’s temperament been hidden in comparison? Does anyone know the candidate’s stand on the issues?

Trump could win because of never Hillary voters. In the last weeks before the election, ^Trump has stuck to script.

Trump is not a politician, an outsider. Many people did not like how the results of the 2010 and 2014 elections were handled. During the campaign Trump continued to learn, while Hillary was holed up. Direct contact to the extent possible was Trump’s game. He has some firm ideas, but he will go for the art of the deal. Hillary often came across as I know best and will continue to rule by executive order. Paid advertisement will get me elected.

People went outside the major news sources to Fox New, talk radio, and internet news. Fox news was not for Trump but just the most balanced. Veritas and Wikileaks were at least kept in the news.

Some people understand that guns are not the problem. There will just be a substitution of weapons if guns are banned. The substitutions could have more collateral damage.

Hillary didn’t separate herself from Obama on many issues. People want change.

People don’t view the foreign and trade policies as success. Were Benghazi, the redline in the sand with Assad, pressing the reset button and early withdraw of troops from Iraq a success? How many American citizens have been affected by our immigration and trade policies.

Job creation isn’t defamed by race or gender.

Trump earned and lost his own money, or that of those who chose to work with him. Hillary was supposed to have been working for us, the taxpayer. Most of her gain has been from a position in public office. Will electing a woman because they are a woman workout any better then electing Obama because he was African American?




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