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The wind is signaling the coming of winter, cooling the air as Mother Nature pulls our Sun slightly away for a while to aid her Spring Cleaning. The wind is moving the leaves from the trees down to the ground, where they will provide cover and insulation for all the microscopic life residing there. The Turkeys, Birds, Woodchucks, Squirrels, Chipmunks’ and others will still be able to find the little grubs hiding beneath the leaves. The trees have shed their leaves to make room for next Springs awakening, and for the Winter snow to continue its’ journey to the ground. The snow will insulate and moisten the soil for Spring blooms, bring fresh water to the streams and rivers, and provide beautiful scenery for an otherwise dreary time of year; as we wait for the holiday seasons, and looking forward to a new year of life, hope, and peace.

Each new year brings a fresh start; a chance to right the wrongs of the past year, and start life anew; as Mother Nature does with all her little charges. This fall is a tumultuous time for many as we face an election Nationally and Locally that will possibly bring significant changes, not only to our Federal Government in Washington, but also to many of our Local Communities and States. Let us hope and pray to God that we make the right choices, for our votes decide the future of this World for the generations following. We must make our decisions on fact, and not the overwhelming misinformation that is thrust upon us by a Media that is being questioned for their bias and misplaced loyalty. Nor should we put too much faith in the candidates themselves. The decorum is not what we are used to. Not only locally, but especially Nationally.

We, as voters, must read between the lines of the spoken words, and rely on our own selves to determine truth and sincerity. The candidates are spending huge amounts of money on adverse advertising that has become personally degrading to each other. Such behavior, at one time, was beneath our public servants. This Election Year it has become very unacceptable; and has caused many to turn away their attention, and to threaten not to vote at all. This is also very unacceptable. Voting is a right we cannot take lightly. It is the main responsibility of a Democratic Society. It is a forceful action by the people, and signifies the intention of our Forefathers, that we shall be a Republic; a Nation self-governed, by the People, and for the People.

Let us all respect our Constitution, take our responsibility serious, and exercise our rights as a freedom loving people. Let us show the World that we are the bastion of hope for the oppressed, and strong enough to resist the temptations of those who would control us in a one government world. Democracy would not survive and endure such a World.

We would lose our diversity, our Heritage, and many of our personal rights and freedoms that we cherish. Keep America American always!

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