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Hillary Clinton had everyone in her circle that she had paid off, bought, did favors, prostituted, and/or that she had secrets on.  She even had the dead coming back to life to appear at official voting places to write their names on the ballot to vote for her.

She threaten the FBI Director and her “Rapist Husband” Slick Willie even held a supposingly secret meeting on an airport parking space with Current, Lying, Crooked Attorney General Loretta Lynch who destroyed her reputation, ethics and broke the law she half-ass represents when she conveyed to the world all she and Rapist Bill Clinton did was talk about their grandkids.

America’s corrupt media represented by liars that are highly paid with no regard for “Facts, Truth, Ethics” became paid whores that attempted to destroy Donald Trump while covering up the simple facts about Hillary Clinton that have been confirmed, documented, presented via the same lying media for the last 30 years that essentially have never changed with regard to her being a serial liar, a thief and totally corrupt person that never accepted responsibility for her many failures but would always blame others for her self imposed stupidity.

CLINTON’S PROBLEM WAS VERY SIMPLE…….she and the media failed because they refused to listen to the people…..EXAMPLE…….Trump was having thousands to attend his rallies, Clinton had low to no turnouts at most of her rallies……HOW IN HELL DO YOU MISS THIS NUMBERS????……….EGO-EGO-EGO HAS DESTROYED MANY IDIOTS due to their self importance and oversized brains!!!

In essence Hillary, her rapist husband and their daughter’s first job out of college paying her over $600,000 per year plus their reputations as corrupt, pissed off millions of average Americans that work for a living, live from paycheck to paycheck and believe in God, honesty, morals, ethics and family values nailed her aspirations to be the first woman-lesbian President.

If you are a Politician, do not ever under estimate the Joe and Mary Six Pack  families in the United States of America, because WE can and will destroy you when we have had enough lies and bs from YOU AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and this is what happened to Crooked Hillary and Loretta Lynch.



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