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Obama and his media are waging Jihad to sabotage Trump so that America will never be great again.


Trump will never make America great again if Obama and his Democrat media have anything to do with it.  Before leaving office, Obama is sabotaging Trump and setting the stage to be the turd floating in Trump’s soup.  His allies, the Leftarts in media, will be the relentless Gestapo propaganda arm of Obama’s anti-American shadow government.  They are acting in concert with Obama to make certain Trump cannot restore America to greatness.



Making America great again is not what Leftarts want to see happen – ever!  In their world America must continue to be cut down in decline, her wealth squandered and distributed to her enemies, and her people rendered ignorant and parasitic beneath the Democrat yoke.  Obama is sabotaging Trump before he takes office by setting up legal and diplomatic roadblocks to his ability to repair the destruction America’s Moslem president has wrought.  His media is smearing Trump at every turn concentrating on fake news stories of corruption, while they cover up Obama’s schemes and corruption.  BO will be making a daily effort in the Leftarts’ media to denounce every action of Trump’s – especially if he goes to the bathroom to drop an Obama in the liberal media and flush it.


What do BO and his media have in common with a bowel movement?  He is long and brown and stinky and his policies befoul all they touch with disease and decay drawing flies and maggots to feed.  His media is the receptacle that distributes his foulness into the water system.  The waste reclamation plant that Trump builds had better be ready to handle copious amounts of Obama.


BO believes he could have defeated Trump had he been the one to express his policies rather than Hillary.  He doesn’t comprehend that he did make the campaign about him and his policies.  Trump’s campaign would have changed from highlighting Hillary’s corruption to highlighting Obama’s destructive policies.  There was no mistaking from the campaign that Hillary was a continuation of Obama’s policies and they lost in every battleground state.  The Pathological Liar-in-Chief deludes himself if he thinks that FOX News and Rush Limbaugh warped the thinking of the American people to see him for anything other than what he is – an America-hating, socialist Moslem racist whose policies were designed to manage America’s decline.


Eight years of Obamaism and ten years of Democrat policies have left America in a shambles with a weak economy, a weak military, a disintegrating social structure, and a foreign policy that has set the world on fire.  Democrats have enabled criminals to run rampant and foreign invaders to not only pour over America’s borders, but to infest Europe.  For Trump to do what is right to restore the free world he will have to be ready to war with the Leftarts media as he sets the world upright, so don’t expect his Tweeting to ever end.  Trump’s tweets will be how he goes around the Leftarts’ media that will paint him black and Obama white.



The fiction that there would be a peaceful transition of power was set alight by Obama’s arson of American energy, diplomacy, military, and free speech.  Tyrants don’t yield power.  Obama will have to be dragged from the White House kicking and screaming clawing his fingernails across the threshold.  Those on the Right who say they are cringe when Trump speaks the truth in his Tweets had best buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.  It would be a blessing on the American people if those spineless PC pundits would grow a backbone and not bow to Leftarts’ media smears at every turn or just STFU!


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