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In a previous article, I discussed the possible existence of a shadow government. Since then other writers, news services and cable news outlets have also discussed and printed similar stories on this subject, some referring to a “Deep State”.

In a private republican gathering in February, Congressman Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania made the allegation, in effect, that former president Obama decided to take up residence in Washington, DC to conduct secret operations to undermine the Trump administration, he stated “he’s (Obama) only there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to run a shadow government that is going to totally upset the new (president’s) agenda”.

As you would expect Kelly’s remarks found their way beyond the walls of the place he assumed was private and for the ears only of those gathered. But instead of standing strong and embracing the original intent of his comments, Kelly’s representative later issued a statement clarifying the congressman’s remarks that he was not accusing the former president of conducting- what I’ll referred to as a coup- but the fact that many Obama loyalists still hold positions in government agencies, and could affect the administrations endeavors, and this environment had caused the congressman to speak out of frustration. Also, in a press briefing session Press Secretary Sean Spicer remarked it was reasonable to assume that some federal employees might still be attempting to continue the Obama policies.

Then the internet exploded with President Trump’s Twitter bombshell, which almost caused the earth to stop its axial rotation and reverse its magnetic polarity causing us to spin out of control. Mr. Trump insinuated that former President Obama had possibly “wire tapped” Trump Tower after the election and transition process. At this point, I am going to ask you to indulge me while I postulate a theory.

Most will agree, even his detractors, that President Trump is intelligent, cunning and nobody’s fool. Although having a tendency to sudden outbursts and flights of fancy, sometimes without first considering what repercussions might ensue, most of his moves are deliberate and calculated.

The new president and his administration are in the throes of a political firestorm. We learned since the 2016 election that there has been an ongoing counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaigns possible ties and association with Russia and Vladimir Putin and their meddling into the presidential campaign. This came to a head on Monday March 20, when the House of Representatives held a session, calling on James Comey, Director of the FBI, and Admiral Mike Rodgers, head of the National Security Agency (NSA) to testify before the body. Both the FBI director and NSA head, confirmed the investigation, and also repudiated the president’s contention the Obama administration’s interference in the campaign.

Now we come to the gist of my theory. Consider the controversy that has gone on since the election, how the deranged leftwing, in defiance of Mr. Trump, has spun completely out of control, even resorting to threats of violence. How radical elements in the democrat party and main stream media are seeking to undermine the Trump presidency, and at any opportunity often speak about impeachment.

Realizing all the difficulties that are befalling his presidency, and perhaps even having been privy to information of a shadow government, Mr. Trump decides to create another controversy. Using his most tried and true means of communication, the Tweet, he casts aspersions toward his predecessor to divert attention from the firestorm that has engulfed his campaign and election. In other words throw the spotlight onto the former president, let him share in some of the negative attention, and thus cause the media and democrats and all his detractors, to concentrate their contemptuousness, even for a brief period of time, elsewhere.

There’s a passage in Proverb that reads “It’s a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver”. Most reasonable people I believe will concur that Barack Obama is not above the gutter, and did his share of deceiving the American people. It would not be a stretch, nor would it be surprising to learn that the former president had a hand in some nefarious scheme to spy on the Trump administration.

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