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In a tax return from 1995 that was leaked on Saturday, evidence that Donald Trump has been outsmarting the IRS for the last 18 years was revealed. Using tax deductions earned through the collapse of Atlantic City in the mid 1990’s, Donald had over a $900 million loss which he likely has been using for the last two decades to outsmart the IRS. A copy of Mr. Trump’s Tax Return can be found here if you’re interested in the line-by-line details.ctuqg3kwgaaimjj

The headline to this story is very simple: Donald Trump has been using the government’s own tax code against it for the last twenty years. Who better than a man who has been running circles around the IRS for two decades to bring the change this democracy so desperately needs?

While the mainstream media and citizen lemmings will attempt to twist the facts to their own purposes, let’s keep this as simple and factual as possible.

Fact#1: A man who understands tax law well enough to legally not pay taxes for 20 years isn’t a liability – he’s a smart businessman. More smart business in Washington please, less bureaucratic corruption please. 

Fact#2: Not paying 900 million in taxes is smarter than handing 900 million to Bill and Barack to squander on their latest and greatest entitlement program. More saving private citizens money, less welfare and governmental waste please. 

Fact#3: Donald Trump is a genius businessman and now that’s a fact in black and white. He took a 900 million dollar loss and turned it into a massive, creative, perfectly legal financial benefit. More turning losses into profits please, less morons in government who only know how to waste our money.

In the spirit of keeping this simple: Who would you rather elect, a man who turns a billion dollar loss into a billion dollar gain or a woman who commits crimes, empowers her adultering husband, and is committed to extending the liberal ideology espoused by Barack Obama?

During a complicated election season, let’s keep our vote simple.







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