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Democrats hate Republicans and will find nothing good in anything they do. Republicans hate Democrats who they believe can do no right. Federalists hate neither major party. They call out concepts they oppose and embrace actions they like. With President Trump’s reversal of President Obama’s bathroom decree, Federalists have several reasons to cheer the GOP leader.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the kudos I’ll soon be posting at the Federalist Party website:

  • Freedoms and rights must be protected as long as they don’t supersede “greater” rights and freedoms. In modern American society, we’ve seen a rise in people claiming the right to do things that contradict the rights of others. We’ve seen this in calls against “discrimination” when private business owners want to exercise their right to practice their religion. We’ve seen it with “reproductive rights” superseding a preborn American’s right to live. Most recently, we’ve seen it with Obama’s declared right for someone to pick their bathroom, an action that steps over a person’s right to privacy and safety. Trump’s move is the first real step in preserving freedom that we’ve seen in eight years.
  • “Leave it to the states.” I love it when a DC politician says these words. When it’s the President of the United States saying it, I’m downright giddy. When it comes to the convergence between education and safety, every Federalist can cry tears of joy when the President supports states’ rights.
  • One of the more subtle things this did was keeping the transgender issue apolitical. This is a cultural issue. Let’s remember that a transgender person has the exact same rights as anyone else. They’re able to use the restroom they were biologically built to use. This isn’t about giving them equal rights because they already have those. The transgender agenda is about giving them more rights than other people. Trump’s reversal brings the issue into its proper context as a cultural dilemma rather than a political one. That’s not to say it won’t be politicized, but when the White House sets the pace, it’s a great thing.

The way for this nation to move forward on such issues is for the the actions rather than the party to be the focus. As always, I’ll be critical when the actions call for it and I’ll give praise when the actions are righteous. This is an instance when I have no problem giving our President the full kudos he deserves.


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