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Ok, it is confession time for this conservative. I first cast a vote for President in 1976 for, umm, Jimmy Carter. I have never voted for a liberal in any office since that election. I can also state that until this last election, I had not felt good about voting since 1984. I voted in all the other elections against the Democrats rather than for Republicans. When the 2016 election cycle began, I thought I was again going to be doing the same thing. However, after the nomination of Trump, I began to see signs of hope in what I observed in Trump and his campaign, as well as in the debates. His strong pro-life position and immigration policies helped convince me to dare to hope. That and the fact that finally there was a chance for someone who is not a politician to become President appealed greatly to me. For many years I and other conservatives would lobby for a businessman or woman to be our Presidential candidate for no more reason than we could plainly see how bad government runs when politicians have run it! Were there things about Trump the candidate that caused me hesitation? Yes, there were.

But when I reflected about those items, I remembered that even my vote for best President of my life, Ronald Reagan had doubts connected with it. I wasn’t sure his economic plans would work and I had my trepidation concerning his position toward the U.S.S.R. In both cases, my doubts were happily laid to rest during the 1980’s. However, President Reagan’s granting of amnesty to illegal aliens (yes that is the legal term) was never to my liking, and the bad fruit of that we are reaping today.

I mention all this to now indicate what part of our new President’s positions concern me. I’m afraid that his tacit support of the transgender community and the Gender I.D. nonsense which has resulted in the ridiculous and dangerous idea that males can use restrooms designated for females. I call it ‘tacit’ support because as far as I know the President has never explicitly stated it. But he has said when asked as a candidate that he thought the issue should be left to the states. I do not know his mind on the issue, but the President has given support to the LGBTQ community directly, even speaking at a rally for that community during the campaign.

The concerns of this tacit support for transgender bathroom rights are many, as, frankly, are the concerns of supporting the LGBTQ community. The conflict this potentially causes with the President’s explicit support for religious liberty is one of the biggest concerns. Another is that the embrace of the foolish fantasies of those favoring transgender bathroom rights is literally allowing the delsusions of a mentally ill minority


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