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Suppose Trump’s plan is bigger than we imagined. Suppose he wants not just to make America great again, but to make the whole world great. The only way he could do that is to remove and replace the world’s enemy. First it must be identified. Is it socialism? No that is the tool used by the global usurer to enslave everyone by debt. So, it must be the globalist usurer. What are their weapons and what is their system of delivery.

Well, they own or control the media, Universities, publishing houses, the majority of “government” central banks. Now those are a lot of weapons of mental mass destruction, and their puppets have a lot of nuclear weapons and the knowledge to build more, and cheaper. So, it is a formidable enemy.

So, how do you remove and replace such an enemy? Well, you have to be more powerful than they are, but you can’t be if you use their monetary system. So, the FIRST step is to become independent, making a monetary system for your own, sovereign nation, that is not dependent on foreign, debt based money. Yes, that means local money that cannot be exchanged with the mechanisms that now exist, such as banks, stock, commodity and money markets.

Now, that is a big replacement, and to be able to do that globally, each country must first do it nationally, to learn how to make it work internally. Then they can coordinate between themselves to create the financial network which replaces the existing mechanisms.

So, if Trump is truly capable of such big thought, and he may be, he will need to make alliances, not only with the most powerful nations, but also with the people most knowledgeable about how the current system works. If so, that is why he is hiring the top “brains” of financial and industrial corporations.

So, how do you coordinate all these efforts and turn it into a long term “remove and replace” plan for all the financial institutions in the world? Well again, we rely on alliances. The strongest alliances will be those that have been most screwed over by the financial institutions, those that determine, and arbitrarily change, the capitalization of banks, the margins on the markets, the open market operations, etc.

Yes, that is the worlds productive billionaires — those that seek to trade value for value. (As opposed to the socialist, parasitic global bankers and their tools the market manipulators who do nothing productive at all.)

The governments have to take back and effectively run their own national central bank. And they can’t make the mistake of backing their money with any commodity that may be controlled by the Rothschilds.

It is a really big job.


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