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In a recent podcast by the Hoover Institution, Peter Robinson explained speech writing for presidents. He detailed some of his experiences in the Reagan White House working with then vice Pres. Bush. Robinson wrote the famous speech given by Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall in 1984 where he implored Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

Robinson and Bill Whalen, a Hoover research fellow in election campaigns, begin to describe President Trump’s speechmaking abilities. They referenced two of his speeches that stood out to them. The first was his speech to joint session of Congress, which they deemed his “second (read: real) inauguration speech.” And they applauded his speech in Saudi Arabia where Trump called out terrorists and their sympathizers.

They didn’t even mention his inauguration speech. In this speech, Trump said “we are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” He also said “from now on it’s going to be only America First.” “You will never be ignored again. Your voice, hopes and dreams will determine our destiny” he intoned “We will make America safe again, and yes together, we will make America great again.” Robinson neglected to discuss Steve Miler, who is credited with much of this speech. Miller is every bit the speech writer that the young Robinson once was.

When Robinson describes Kamala Harris’s speechmaking style he points out that most Democrats talk down to their audience. Like Obama and Hillary these Ivy League educated dolts believe that they are intellectually superior to the American people. This is solely because of the cachet conferred upon them by the liberal academic system that manufactures bureaucrats of various shapes and sizes.

Robinson and Whalen agree that Democrats are elitist in their rhetoric. What is especially ironic about mentioning liberal arrogance is the fact that their breeding is often low, their range of thinking narrow and their common sense stilted. Democrats trade their familiarity with a few literary and historical references the average American is not, however these are the residue of conformity not the evidence of advancement.

When Robinson gives his suggestions for Trump’s next great speech it centers on foreign policy. He points out that an historical moment can provide the opportunity for memorable lines. Like the Cold War and 9/11 Robinson believes Trump should address our current protracted war against “Islamic radicalism.” Calling our enemy Radical Islamic Extremism or Islamic Terrorism Trump should galvanize our present struggle as the challenge that we must meet. However, Robinson chooses to cloak this purpose in a way that barely encapsulates the threat we face.

How can we defeat Islamic Jihadists if we don’t have a unified front internally? What is the cost of fighting in Vietnam when an entire segment of the political class, the establishment media and even some in the Nixon administration undermined the “war effort?” What was the larger obstacle in the War on Terror as prosecuted by George W. Bush: Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Osama Bin Laden’s Taliban support Afghanistan or the Democratic-Media complex?

What Robinson fails to acknowledge throughout the podcast is the importance of populist rhetoric in the Trump agenda. The major enemy of Donald Trump is the establishment. We can’t defeat Islamic terrorism until we defeat the left and destroy them politically. The enemy within precludes our ability to address any other enemies.

This is the fundamental problem with conservative intellectuals, they want to maintain their position vis a vie the establishment and liberal colleagues instead of destroying them. Our enemies will not spare the conservative proletariat. Liberals will not keep conservative court jesters. Islamic Jihadists kill indiscriminately, their blood lust will include liberals and conservatives alike.

Trump must defeat liberalism if he is going to have a chance to defeat Islamic terrorism. His signature speech was his inauguration. His stump speeches during the campaign need to morph into these more pointed verbal assaults on liberalism. This disease has infested the executive branch through the deep state. It has taken over our government, our politics, our culture, our education and legal system. Liberalism must be weeded out, and Trump can paint this picture and rally support from across these United States.

As Trump continues to celebrate and rally the American people, his ability to speak repetitively and powerfully against the establishment will give rise to his Greatest Speech.

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