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On December 16th, 1773, a group of Massachusetts colonists dressed up like Mohawk Indians and proceeded to dump 342 barrels of tea into the Boston Harbor. This was an action taken by the people of the early colonies of America, which at the time were governed by the British-crown. The reason behind such an act was that the tax rates had increased to such a level that the population figured it was time to rebel against tyranny in the new-world.


The complete idea of America had not yet come to fruition, but the spirit of America was born that very day in the Boston harbor. Government tyranny was never supposed to be part of the American system. Of course it took years of fighting, many battles and lives lost in order to secure a future for America at all, however that sacrifice and those lives lost were not in vein. America kicked the British Empire out of the new-world, established the United States of America and Americans were free to govern themselves. This freedom lasted nearly 2 centuries, and then something happened which took us back to where we were to begin with.


It is incredibly hard to pinpoint the time-frame when the corruption started, but one thing that most Americans know in their heart, is that the corruption is there and it is prevalent. Some argue the point that the establishment of the Federal Reserve began the corruption in this country, others argue that it began once we moved from the gold-standard. Personally, I think it started with the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency and even further the Military Industrial Complex. Both of these governmental programs leeched themselves to the American worker, and sucked the money right out of their paychecks in order to fund global operations of deceit and violence. Regardless where the corruption started, we as Americans know that the corruption is there, hence the election of a Presidential candidate who vows to combat the corruption and “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.


Now, 243 years after the Boston Tea Party, Americans have returned to be regulated and taxed at an outrageous rate, forcing many average Americans to pick up second jobs or make other adjustments in order to account for this. Americans are also back to being dissatisfied with a tyrannous government, and without the election of Trump, would likely have resolved to drastic measures in order to quell corruption in Washington. The American people have literally put as much faith in this one man’s administration as they did in the founding fathers campaign to free themselves from British tyranny. Donald Trump is metaphorically dressed as a Mohawk Indian and dumping the tyrannous tea into the Potomac River.


Consider the corporate tax-rate, which is just one tax which has bogged down progress and growth in America for decades. Currently, the U.S. charges all domestic companies a world-record 39.1% corporate income tax rate. This means that if you own a small business, and you make $100, then $39.10 of that $100 is going to Uncle Sam. This does not even include the numerous other taxes and regulations which companies must adhere to in order to stay legal and in business. Now, expand those numbers for larger organizations. If a company makes $1,000,000, and they are paying $391,000 of that in taxes, their profitability is cut into majorly. This is just one reason why so many companies are struggling in the modern American market. Their profits are handed over time and time again, and apparently it has been funding rampant corruption throughout the halls of Washington D.C. Needless to say…the American people are mad, upset, or some would say downright pissed-off.


Trump is proposing to cut the corporate tax-rate to 15%, and possibly as low 10%. This will benefit just about every single working-class American in the sense that the company they work for will be making far more profits. If you own a company, your profits will be increased immediately. This will pump much needed money into the economy and also allow businesses to thrive in America. This is just part of the reason that the stock market is already soaring and Trump is not even in office yet. People who realize how this stuff works can see that this is going to provide prosperity and wealth to the American people, and it is about dang time too.


The American people have been funding corruption for decades, and they have just recently been given the proper information to make this assessment for themselves. Through the Presidential Campaigns of 2016, the amount of information coming out about government corruption was on a level unprecedented in past elections. The entire system was exposed (to those paying attention to it) and it will never be the same after Donald Trump.


As Obama’s days count-down, he is attempting to leave what Progressives call a “lasting-legacy,” and I would be inclined to agree with the fact that he is indeed leaving a legacy. His legacy, however, is that of a tyrant who did not have the well-being of his people in mind. His legacy will be that of the British in the Revolutionary War and he will be viewed as an enemy to the United States once the entire truth of his corruption has become public knowledge. High-taxes, little-to-no jobs, lack of economic growth, lack of security for the nation, and the many other short-comings of Obama will be his legacy. Trump, on the other hand, will be remembered as a Patriot who saved this country from a tyrannous dictatorship via his Boston Tea Party of the modern age.


Trump will leave a legacy which will leave historians powerless to escape the fact that Obama’s administration was screwing over the American people. In other words, Trump is an American who will return the power to the American people, as opposed to continuing down this path of tyrannical rule in America. November 8th, 2016, will go down in history as the modern Boston Tea Party, when Americans finally decided to stop the corruption, stop the robbery via taxation, and stop the madness. Americans will again be allowed to be free, and to prosper, and that will be legacy of Donald Trump. All he has to do was NOT screw over the American people and at least try to stamp-out corruption and then he will be remembered as one of the best Presidents in American history.


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