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Trump’s comments:
The whole controversy over Donald Trump on waterboarding and going hard after Islamic Jihadist, which might involve the death of women and children is interesting but very dismaying. I find it hard to believe the reactions I’ve seen from so many talking heads and other media blowhards.

Many politicians and most of the media are using those comments to attack Trump, telling all that he is irresponsible and has no concept about what his words would mean and what his position on those subjects would actually entail.

Even Megan Kelly on Fox News got snotty with one of our military people who had served in the Middle East. He had said something to the effect that when the shooting starts and Americans are being wounded and killed, no one is off limits including women and children. Kelly stated don’t you know that would violate the Geneva convention? The Military guy said something like “so what.” Kelly got all obstreperous turned to another person, and that was the last we saw of the military guy.

So let’s get down and dirty, at least as many of our politicians and most of our media evidently now consider down and dirty.

What Trump is sugge4sting by waterboarding and more is something that we once called enhanced interrogation. It was techniques used by our military forces and intelligence services for years. But then Obama became President and it changed. On January 22, 2008 the day after he became President he issued executive order 13491That executive order shut down the enhanced interrogation programs our military and intelligence services had used for years. So Obama destroyed our highly successful interrogation programs by a presidential fiat. If Obama could do that, what is the problem with Trump reversing that blunder with his own executive order to reestablish those programs? I guess no one in the media and none of Trumps political attackers have figured that out yet.

With his executive order 13491 in effect Obama ordered that henceforth,under his administration,all U.S. personnel must follow the U.S. Army Field Manual for all interrogations. To put that order in perspective, the New York Police Department has more aggressive interrogation techniques than the Army Field Manual and Obama knew that quite well.

So in his first 24 hours in office, Obama shut down the programs that had given us the intelligence that started the successful hunt for Osama Bin Laden among its many other successes.

The good news on executive orders is that when the next president takes office those executive orders may become waste paper. So what Trump is saying about waterboarding and more going into effect if he becomes president, is not only possible but very probable. Evidently after eight years most of the talking heads on T.V. and many of the print media idiots can’t even remember when we were successfully gaining information from Islamic Jihadists who want to kill us.

Enhanced interrogation. One of the most disgusting rants I ever heard on that subject was the rant by the Democrat Dianne Feinstein. She said everything about the program was TORTURE. Obama chuckled and said “right on Dianne” which made all the left wing morons feel all warm and fuzzy and almost stopped the Europeans from writing nasty editorials about America in their left wing newspapers.

However Ms. Feinstein, let’s talk about real torture; hanging a man upside down for hours, hanging a man by his wrists until his arms are pulled from their sockets, beating a man with clubs and iron bars. That was torture being used on our POW’S by the North Vietnamese at the Hanoi Hilton. How about starving prisoners and then working them to death, how about tying a POW to a tree and then bayoneting them to death like the Japanese did in their POW death camps. How about putting a man in a cage and lighting him on fire or cutting men and women’s heads off like ISIS butchers love to do?

The various methods that we used with our enhance interrogation programs were nothing like the above; a few hours after waterboarding the Jihadist was just fine physically, maybe not so good mentally but hell Jihadists are screwed up mentally all of the time anyway. So no folks we did not practice torture in our enhanced interrogation programs. Could someone please send a memo to good ole Dianne please.

However without getting much information on terrorists under his presidency, Obama had to do something to make himself look tough, so he instated his “Drone” program. Problem, drones can kill Jihadists but dead Jihadists do no provide any intelligence on Jihadist terrorists INTENTIONS. On the other hand, Obama has never much cared for bad press on radical Muslim terrorists has he? However if I were a Jihadist I think I would consider waterboarding a much more favorable choice over being blown up. You know, just saying.

Here is a news flash folks, I guess many Americans, few politicians and evidently no media folks seem to understand, all United States Air Force personnel with a combat flying assignment to Southeast Asia, went through some kind of enhanced interrogation training. Some were water boarded and others went through other enhanced interrogation techniques, like the box (that’s the one I had), but all of us suffered one of them. Of course that was only one phase of SERE training, the others were just as bad. The Army and Navy had their own locations for that same training. No fun at all.

If thousands of U.S. Armed Forces underwent enhanced interrogation training how in the hell can that be TORTURE? That charge only makes sense in the fever swamps of bleeding heart liberal or in the sinister minds of far left people whose main efforts are to try to undermine this country.

So if Trump cancels Obama’s executive order 13491 and institutes real and effective information gathering programs, that will not be a cataclysmic event folks. May our media and politicians please get over their phony or ignorant OMG moments, start researching recent American military and intelligence history and stop with this entire panty waist shock about what it is going to take to protect America.

Now let’s get into all the shock and awe about women and children being causality’s in war. As I mentioned in the above,, Megan Kelly among so many media and political people seemed to be disgusted that anyone could even consider killing women and children. Well where the hell were they educated. Have they never read anything about wear, have they never studied any military history in their very expensive university educations? Hey fools, get your heads out of one of your larger orifices and grow up.

So here we go. Trump said women and children could be killed if he were president. Everyone I heard on T.V. or everything I read, was outrage. Trump was a monster, too dangerous to ever become president. So let’s set up a scenario:”

1. We have a group of Islamic Jihadists in a house in Afghanistan plotting a serious attack on a U.S. Army forward operating base (FOB). We have acquired current intelligence on that house and its ccupants. We have a drone aircraft with a hellfire missile targeted on that house but we then find out there are women and children in that house.
2. The Jihadist attack is imminent and the only way to stop that attack, which may well kill or wound many American troops is to kill those Jihadists with that drone.
3. What do we do? Under Obama who knows. Obama may feel it is more important to cancel the drone attack and less important to protect our troops. Don’t laugh, listen to what many of our military are saying about Obama’s rules of engagement (ROE).
4. Under Trump that drone will attack. That attack will kill everyone in that dwelling, Jihadists, women and children; so be it Americans troops will not die.

I hope that scenario doesn’t disgust too many of our media or T.V. analysts. I hope those folks can understand keeping our troops from harm overrides any other consideration.

Now is the above a new and barbarous act that only a man like Trump could consider? You think so, Well if the majority of our country thinks like that then the majority has incredible and dangerous memory loss.

In World War II the German cities of Dresden and Hamburg, just to name two, were bombed with terrible civilian losses. In the Normandy invasion (D Day) the British bombed the French city of Caen causing French civilian losses. Do the name Hiroshima or Nagasaki bell for anyone; over 100,000 civilian casualties in each city.

If we hadn’t bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused the Japanese government to surrender, and then had to invade Japan, we would have lost hundreds of thousands of American and allied dead and wounded; without that bombing a land invasion would most assuredly have resulted in millions of Japanese dead and injured both military and civilian. In addition there would have been tremendous political problems.

Among all those dead and injured many would have been women and children. Are people getting that picture now? Are Trumps comments starting to make sense folks? For the sake of our country I hope so.

Those bombings were intended to help defeat our enemies and save our soldiers’ lives. So Trumps mentioning women and children casualties in our wag against radical Islamic terror is absolutely nothing new and if we start fighting this war to win it those casualties will unfortunately happen. Grow up you political and media fools.

Dees that mean we, without any reason, go after and kill women and children, of course we do not do than. Do the Islamic barbarians who are at war with us take just those actions and revel in them as we have witnessed at Fort Hood, Boston, Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels and far too many places in the Middle East, of course they do.

As General Sherman told us about 150 years ago, ‘WAR IS HELL” nothing has changed that observation since then.

The problem now is that some Americans feel that wars should be fought with the Marques of Obama’s rules and we have been doing that for over seven years. History has shown time and time again if a country does not engage in a war to win it, that country will lose it.

Under Obama’s rules we have been losing.

Under Trump’s rules we will win.


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