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While Donald Trump has built his campaign on the issues of the Obama Doctrine that Hillary says she will expand, Clinton has built her campaign on The Donald’s character.  It goes without saying that Trump is a character, but is his character unstable as Hillary claims, and is his character more important than the issues?

The Obama Doctrine has been to;

  • tax and regulate businesses to the point that America’s economy is weak and bleeding jobs, not even creating enough to keep up with population growth
  • shut down energy production to make America dependent on foreign oil, and perpetuate the fraud of man-made climate change to reinforce this
  • encourage criminals to riot against police and attack citizens, keep blacks agitated with racist rants and dependent on welfare and thievery
  • allow foreigners free access to American jobs and entitlements by keeping the borders open and not upholding immigration laws
  • suppress our allies to force them to accept Moslem immigrants who disrupt their countries and seek to overthrow their governments
  • give money and weapons to jihadis who have set the Middle East on fire and want to impose Sharia on the world

Hillary wants to continue this and we should be afraid of Trump because he snaps back at nasty tweets?  Where Hillary is an expert in political deception and master of corruption, Trump is a neophyte to Alinsky tactics and must learn to be more Machiavellian in his responses.  It’s not a difficult skill to learn, but a matter of learning to pick your fights and only respond to significant attacks, something which a brilliant billionaire dealmaker can quickly learn to do.  The Bush administration didn’t respond to any Democrat attacks resulting in his term being completely smeared by liberals as being the opposite, enabling them to teach ignorant young people that capitalism is greed and socialism is just.  America’s youth, and quite a few of her elders, adhere to these beliefs when history proves the opposite to be the truth.

Americans have the choice of electing Hillary to continue America down the path of decline and fall under the umbrella of leftist globalism, or elect Trump and take the chance that his strength of character that built a billion dollar empire will help America to recover from the Obama debacle.  People stupidly elected a man who is anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, and anti-white to lead America which was founded as a Christian capitalist nation by white people.  They then more stupidly sat at home in 2012 to give him a second term to continue his destruction of the nation he loathes.  Democrats are very happy to have the power to steal from the rich, but they are not giving back and the Middle Class working people are the ones who are suffering for it.  If Hillary wins then she will cement the Obama Doctrine on America by appointing a Moslem to the Supreme Court to begin imposing Sharia Law on the dumb sheep that let the wolves replace the shepherds.

Until Obama, American presidents have always put the people of America first.  Without America the world would be run by Nazis and Communists and Islamists and that is where we are heading.  America is the world’s last best hope for freedom, and Trump is America’s last best hope for survival.

#NeverHillary!  #NEVERDEMOCRATS!

Trump’s Wall won’t stop America’s fall


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