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Following President Donald Trump’s Helsinki Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, liberal pundits claimed Trump’s performance was that of a traitor. One MSNBC guest equated it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, disapproval of Trump’s presidency on the Left is not confined to pundits.

According to a newly released Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, a mere 9 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s performance.

On the contrary, the poll also found that Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is 88 percent, and his overall approval rating is at its highest yet: 45 percent.

The poll began on July 15 and ended on July 19; Trump’s Helsinki Summit was on July 16. Furthermore, it seems that Trump’s overwhelming approval within the Republican party did not waiver even after his highly criticized press conference with Putin.

“Republican numbers don’t budge,” Republican pollster Bill McInturff told NBC.

Republican support is bolstering Trump’s approval rating as his support from the opposing party diminishes. “The broader picture is less encouraging for Trump. Just 6% of Democrats and 14% of Independents support Trump’s handling of Russia,” Fortune reported, and the majority – 51 percent – of those who were polled disapproved of the current U.S.-Russia relationship.

The increased polarization across America may have bolstered Trump’s approval rating with more members of the GOP siding with the administration, and it may secure a second presidential term if GOP voters turn out, but the consequences may stall his presidency.With a closely divided Congress and tribalism on the rise, will anyone be able to reach across the aisle?

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