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There is an old saying: Talk is cheap – Actions speak louder than words.

Some would describe political talk as the cheapest of all. It’s been classified a double-speak, where a candidate or seated politician speaks a lot of words, while saying nothing at all. It could be an answer to press or constituent question or an attempt to filibuster during on on-air debate or interview.

We’ve all seen these political worms. It could be a simple and seemingly harmless question like what is your favorite color – and after about a thousand word diatribe, we know no more about his or her favorite color than before the question was asked.

This is one of the number one reasons people are supporting Trump. He doesn’t speak like a politician. Whether it’s rehearsed or not, Trump appears to speak off the cuff and without the usual measured tone or political filter.

Even I must admit – it is refreshing.

But regardless who the politician is, should he or she be judged by their actions, rather than merely their flapping gums? I would hope that most would, or at least should, agree.

But what about a political newcomer like Donald Trump. Judging him by his actions, or political decisions, is difficult. Other than the occasional brush with the political class, he really has no “actions” or “political decisions” to judge – until now.

For many months The Donald has been throwing fresh red meat into the conservative pen. Build a “great wall,” deport all illegals, bar Muslims entry into America and of course appoint solid constitutional conservatives to the supreme Court.

In the litigious society America has morphed into, one of the most important jobs of the next president will be to appoint constitutionalist justices to the supreme Court. Left and right, we all understand that the appointment of one or two more leftist justices will spell doom for the country and certainly the Constitution for generations.

And so in rides Donald Trump with his list of possible supreme Court candidates any conservative would certainly cheer. And conservatives did. But some (me) questioned the veracity of Trump. I didn’t question the list. It was stellar. It was Trump’s fealty to the list I was and am still questioning. I, like everyone, have listened to his promises, but to date there had still been no “actions” or “decisions” by which to Judge Trump.

And then he went and made his very first endorsement as the conservative nominee of the Republican Party. Trump endorsed 2nd District Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of North Carolina.
Trump, in his own words, said that Ellmers was the first Congresswoman to endorse him and “she really was terrific and boy is she a fighter. I need her help in Washington so we can defeat ISIS, secure our border and bring back jobs.”

Okay – now we have an action – an actual decision by Trump. Not just tough talk. Now we can judge him by his action. How did he do?

It’s interesting that The Donald would mention securing the border, because, as Mark Levin says, “Ellmers is an open borders radical.” She was the only republican to join 148 democrats who voted against a legislative proposal aimed at ensuring that illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse be deported.

She has a Conservative Review score of “F.” Ellmers voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, as well as for the omnibus spending bill. She has also voted against more than one piece of pro-life legislation.

The National Right to Life President Carol Tobias says of Ellmers: “Nothing has the potential to do more damage to pro-life efforts than people who run as pro-life candidates back home in their pro-life districts and then stab the babies in the back when they come to DC and work against pro-life efforts.” Last year she joined democrats in voting against an abortion ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

And does this endorsement portend Trump’s down-ballot coattails in the general election? Well, she lost her primary bid on Tuesday. She didn’t just lose. It may be she ends up third in a three-person race behind winner George Holding and the real conservative, Dr. Greg Brannon.

Trump endorsed one of the most liberal republicans in Congress and I might add – a loser. This was an actual action – a decision he can’t run away from. So why should we believe he will not do the same when it comes time to appoint a justice? Because he says so?


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