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The other day someone sent me a link to a video made ten years ago of a Pentecostal (I assume) Prophet who prophesied that TRUMP (did he mean Donald Trump?) was going to be lifted up to the highest office in the land, and though he was a diamond in the rough so to speak, God was going to use him to restore America. It was interesting to say the least.

At first glance it does appear that Donald Trump is intent on providing for the people of the United States of America an example of someone who is not afraid to say what he thinks rather than kowtow to political correctness.

The other week I wrote an article titled The Trump Effect: From Radical Terrorist to Welcomed Guest in which I stated that since Donald Trump won the election the liberal progressive Politically Correct Sociopaths are running around in fear that he is going to destroy America. I went on to provide examples from the Muslim world of people who, though they didn’t vote for Donald Trump, were hoping that under his presidency America would get rid of the Islamists. I also drew attention to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, who after years of being hounded as a domestic terrorist, is now being received as a man of vision.

It seems that even before he is sworn in, Donald Trump has given people courage to start speaking up. I believe that what the extreme left means when they say that Donald Trump will destroy America is that he will destroy their power to control and manipulate the masses. And I for one certainly hope he can achieve that. The problem is that I am not sure that he can, unless he really does have God on his side.

Today I saw an article which purports that people are being paid substantial sums of money to protest Mr. Trump’s inauguration. I don’t know if it is true or not, but from what I have witnessed since Trump was elected, I think it certainly possible.

After the presidential election there came a point when I, along with so many others in the world, just looked upon the USA as a big joke; a laughing stock. But as time has gone on, that joke has turned sour and right now I can’t help but think America is about to go through – and I apologize for sounding religiously self-righteous – a shaking judgment.

Two weeks ago I wrote an article titled Tears for the Death of the United States of America which I feared to publish here at iPatriot because I am not in fact American. In that article I wrote:

When I read the history of the lead up to the American Civil War, I find it eerily similar to what is happening today in the USA, and with places like California declaring that they wish to secede from the Union, I can’t help but wonder what will happen in the coming year or two if the Democrats cannot destroy – or god forbid – kill President Trump. Will America see a repeat of history?

I went on to write:

The peoples of the American colonies threw off the yoke of oppressive monarchal government, and it sure seems like that is what the left are now proclaiming that they want to do, except that this time it is their own duly elected government. Forget the word ‘treason’; forget the expression ‘civil disobedience,’ what these people seem to be declaring is that they want to overthrow their own – as yet sworn in – government. The peoples of the United States of America need to sit up and start thinking of the ramifications of their words and actions, and it is not just the extreme left that need to do some soul searching.

A friend on Facebook posted an article about a store in Australia putting out a catalogue with a picture on the front of Muslim women wearing hijabs. I didn’t read the article and the picture had absolutely no impact on me. But when I read what this person wrote, I was astounded. She said something to the effect that any bigot who objected to this article and picture can just go ahead and unfriend her.

It amazed me that this person did not see her own intolerance. In countries which practice democratic freedoms, people are allowed to have, hold and share their opinions, and anyone who can’t tolerate that is in fact an intolerant bigot.

Go to any online comment section and you will see people whose support for Donald Trump, or their anti-left comments makes it appear that they are rightist, which by another name is also conservative, and yet their language is abusive, derogatory, inflammatory, derisive and sometimes just plain disgusting.

If in fact forces are at work to incite those on the left side of politics to protest President Trump’s inauguration, those on the right must refrain from being provoked into the same violent mentality that these people actually have. And if people, in being incited to protest are being paid, and violence breaks out, then those giving out the cash need to be charged with criminal offences.

If violence breaks out during the inauguration, those who support Trump, or at the very least those who did not support Clinton, must stay clear of the appearance of evil by not engaging those who are seeking civil strife – or God help us – civil war.

The extreme left is made up of cunning, manipulative and controlling sociopaths who care about nothing but their own personal selves. Let them rage and then let either President Trump, or God, or both, deal with them.

Within just a couple of days we are going to most assuredly see whether the United States of America will stand, fall or be divided and perhaps, judged by the Almighty. God only knows he has enough reason to.


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