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I have a group of friends wherein we have political discussions that  I moderate, passing along comments from individuals to the group without revealing to anyone in the group the email addresses of the participants, since I send all emails using the “Bcc” addressing mode. There are about 50 people in this group which I call the “Forum”.  Many in this group have been members for well over ten years and more than half of them I have never met face to face or spoken with on the phone. They come from all over the country …and one is even in Vietnam. I consider them all my friends.

Months before this election during the Republican primary an opinion was raised in the “Forum” that the Trump candidacy would destroy the Republican Party. Virtually all the mainstream Republican national  leaders repudiated  Trump in varying degrees from totally opposing him in favor of Hillary (hardly anyone gave Bernie Sanders a chance, even though it was not known then that he was being sandbagged by his own party) , to voting for him, but not “supporting” him. This opinion maintained that this Trump caused schism within the Republican Party would virtually destroy it, creating an assured presidential victory for Hillary and thus a one party country dominated by the Democrats into the foreseeable future for generations. At the time, I thought that this was balderdash, but it was an opinion felt by many “moderate” Republicans ….folks that many other more conservative Republicans referred to as RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only).

I am writing this article to express what I hoped at the time would happen and what in my opinion just did happen ….which is totally the opposite of what was predicted by that opinion just stated.

Ironically what appears to have happened as the result of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency along with a Republican majority in both houses of congress is not only the creation of a more solidified Republican Party, but it has essentially made fools of Republicans who early in the primaries  looked down their condescending noses at the Trump candidacy with disdain. Even more ironically,  this Trump presidency along with the Republican legislative dominance has virtually crushed the Democrat Party and will have resulted in Barrack Obama’s only legacy being that he was the first black president. Virtually every other program that Obama intended to leave as his legacy will essentially be trashed by this newly led Trump juggernaut. Obamacare (mislabeled as the “Affordable” Care Act) will be overturned. Every unconstitutional Obama executive order dealing with everything from illegal immigration to the many cumbersome and ineffective environmental regulations will be repealed with multiple swift strokes of Trump’s executive pen.  The long awaited Keystone Pipeline will be constructed and fossil fuel exploration will be encouraged in the vast expanses of federal property. As we capture Islamic terrorist enemy combatants (which we will be their official nom de plume), we will house them in our detention facility in GITMO designed specifically for that purpose for as long as Islamic terrorism is still a national threat…which will essentially be until their natural death. All territory held by ISIS will be militarily assaulted until ISIS will no longer have any terrorist sanctuary in the world from which to plot mass murder. Essentially Obama’s 8 year term will be recorded in history as having attempted much, but accomplishing little if anything of significance other than establishing our country as being color blind nation in the determination of its president.

Making matters worse for the Democrat Party is that, to use a sports metaphor, “they have no bench”… rising stars in the wings to take the reigns of the party and lead it out of its self imposed wilderness.

As a conservative Republican who was so dismayed in the early evening of 8 November at all the prognostications of a Hillary crushing victory, I am simply overjoyed. It turned out that Trump was extremely effective in talking the talk. My only concern now is whether or not Trump can walk the walk. I am betting that he can surround himself with the expertise to do that.


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