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As Trump pulls off his hilarious joke on the media, America is in a battle to either remain America or become a socialist dictatorship.  Despite Democrats campaigning as if they are conservatives, as if they support the Bill of Rights, as if they care about lifting the economy, Hillary was exposed for the fraud she is.  Despite The Donald being a poor debater who wanders about in his answers against Hillary’s practiced and polished master debater skills, Trump got across points that most people will only hear in sound bites.  Although it would have been great to have Ted Cruz knock Hillary’s hanging curve balls out of the park, it won’t make a difference to the common voter.  The Democrat low-information voter will still be treated to the liberal media’s smears of Trump and cover ups for Hillary, and Trump will continue to draw massive crowds while crooked Hillary can’t draw flies to her rallies.

Trump Ohio post debate rally

The Left is out to destroy America as founded

Leftists believe the Constitution of America as founded is null and void because it allowed slavery while speaking of liberty.  Obama wants the Constitution replaced by the laws of Islam – Sharia – that he believes is the law of Allah.  But Democrats can never campaign on the truth, so he denies this while working behind the scenes importing Moslems and subverting the Supreme Court to make it happen.  If Obama had campaigned in 2008 on creating ObamaCare in order to make health insurance so expensive that they system would collapse so Democrats could institute single-payer socialized medicine, and that Democrats would nuke the economy to get him elected and then drive the debt over the cliff, he would have lost in a landslide.  Democrats always campaign as if they are Republicans, but their true nature is always visible to those who pay attention.

Hillary’s gaffs:

Tax deductions – Hillary repeatedly attacked The Donald over his taxes, but Trumped missed that hanging curve ball when he could have counter-attacked her over her using paying her own foundation for tax breaks, i.e. paying herself and getting tax deductions both on her income and outgo.

Nuclear secrets – Hillary stepped in it big time revealing American nuclear security secrets.  This goes hand-in-hand with her using an illegal, unsecured email server for State Department classified material.

Illegal aliens – Hillary promises amnesty to the millions of illegals she and Obama have permitted to come into the country saying it will increase jobs and wages when it will do the opposite.

Islam – Hillary laughed when Trump talked about how she and Obama are bringing more Moslems to America and terror attacks have increased.  Why is that funny to her?

Voter fraud – Hillary declared voting sanctity and condemned Trump for refusing to say he will accept her victory, but then neither Gore nor Kerry accept Bush’s victory.

Hillary claims Trump is threatening the nation and says we accept election results gracefully.  Here’s the recent history of Democrats “gracefully” accepting defeat and victory:

  • 2000 Al Gore sues George W. Bush over results of Florida results. Declare the Supreme Court rigged the election when he lost.
  • 2004 John Kerry declares again Bush rigged elections.
  • 2008 Democrats nuke the economy through their mortgage banks and declare capitalism and Bush tax cuts were the cause. Al Franken steals Minnesota senator seat by pollsters producing hundreds of new ballots from car trunks to give Democrats an all-powerful Supermajority.
  • 2012 Obama smears Boy Scout Mitt Romney as satanic and continues to blame Bush for the economic policies that Democrats have been running for six years.
  • 2016 Barack Obama says he will not vacate the White House if Trump wins.

As Democrats curse Trump for not saying he will lie down and roll over for them, Obama and Hillary whine that the Russians might be tampering with our elections.  But Hillary has no problem funding her campaign with money from Middle Eastern dictators who stone women and execute gays.  Americans deserve better than Democrats.  Every time in American history over the last century that Democrats have attained a Supermajority, the American economy suffered.  They would raise taxes, increase wasteful spending, and corrupt the government.  Liberals believe that good things come from government when all government does is take wealth from those who earn it and give it to their cronies.  Trump is not indebted to anyone for his presidential campaign, while Hillary owes the Wall Street bankers and foreign magnates who funded her expecting she will continue Obama’s policies.  One is for Americans and the other is for the special interests she says she is fighting against.

Social Justice and the Hitler model


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