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“White Supremacists” is the slander by which the Left tries to smear Trump Republicans as racist xenophobes because they want secure borders and a safe country.

“Literacy privilege” is a derivative of “white privilege,” which is the insane hatred by leftists of the righteous to label them for being better human beings than they.  The truth is that people who believe others think they are better than themselves prove this to be true by their own envy and hate.

White privilege is a false flag of racist bigotry invented by the Left.  It doesn’t exist.  If they were in Africa they would be complaining about Black privilege.  If they were in Asia they would be complaining about Yellow privilege.  If they were in the Middle East they would be complaining about Brown privilege (or maybe not because they would have their heads cut off if they complained about Islam).

The United States is the greatest nation in the world because here it doesn’t matter what you are, but who you are, and anyone can rise to be anything they want because, even though there are elitists who will strive to obstruct them, there are no laws that can hold them down.

Democrats try to make laws to hold people back, but any such law can be overcome through perseverance and talent, and occasionally Republicans getting their act together to elect a strong leader like Donald Trump.

There is no purpose in President Trump going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Most of these people spend every waking moment thinking up new ways to smear him with mud and spew bile at him constantly.

Obama could go there and joke with these people because they treated him like royalty, while they treat Trump like gutter scum.

Donald Trump is already a humble man of great achievement who has no need to debase himself before these hate-mongers or buddy up to these pen wielding assassins.  No president, even the great Ronaldus Magnus, has ever had to face such a firestorm of adversity and yet succeeded in achieving so much against unyielding opposition.

The Left is entirely two-faced in both word and deed.

Trump offered a generous DACA bill and Democrats rejected it because it didn’t give amnesty citizenship to all illegals and called for funding a border wall.  They offered Trump funding for the wall, but on the condition that it was kept open for illegals to continue pouring into the country.  When he rejected it they smeared him as a racist xenophobe.

The two-faced actions of the Left are on display for all to see every day.

Trump popularity growing despite constant media character assassination

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